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Santa Clara, California, Dec. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Lockdowns, travel restrictions, and local mandates resulting from COVID-19 complicated medical care for millions of Americans. Seeing a medical provider proved so difficult that nearly one-third (32%) of adults reported delaying routine medical care according to a survey conducted by the CDC.

Doctors and clinics scrambled to find ways to see their clients with the most critical needs, but for those with potentially debilitating but non-life-threatening needs, appointments were hard to come by. For women suffering from skincare issues like hyperpigmentation and aging, lack of access to care can affect quality of life and contribute to depression, anxiety, anger, and social withdrawal.

Critical skincare needs, expedited solutions

Introducing Musely—a telemedicine company that offers affordable, effective, customized, prescription skincare. Rather than delay or skip dermatology visits, you can now quickly and easily discuss your skin needs with one of Musely’s board-certified dermatologists and find effective prescription-only treatments for rosacea, melasma, aging, and female-pattern hair loss. 

Musely’s simple yet innovative process allows anyone to browse products then complete a 3-minute doctor visit, which consists of a medical questionnaire and photo upload. Within hours, a US-based, board-certified dermatologist (many are profiled on their website) will review the information and write a prescription—no scheduling needed. The doctor-prescribed regimen is then freshly compounded by pharmacists and shipped directly to the patient. A process that might have taken weeks or months through a traditional local provider can now take days.

Musely FaceRx: Positioned for further growth

In early 2019, the company founder and CEO Jack Jia accidentally discovered a melasma treatment for his wife, Cherry, after she failed to find a solution for over 20 years with over a hundred dark spot products, medications, and laser treatments. Launched in May 2019, Musely FaceRx had just 10,000 patients at the start of the pandemic, and grew to 300,000 patients during the following 20 months. The company found success with its offering of very effective and affordable dark spot remover and anti-aging cream. Last month, they announced a new round of funding, led by San Francisco based VMG Partners, which has previously backed major consumer brands including KIND Snacks, Sun Bum, and Drunk Elephant. With a total funding of $40M, Musely is now focused on introducing much needed, new medications to treat many skin conditions, including recently announced treatments for rosacea and hair loss. More than 70% of US women over age 30 can benefit from Musely FaceRx treatments as they have 80% to nearly 100% efficacy.

Help for rosacea sufferers

Rosacea affects more than 16 million people in the United States. It is one of the most common skin conditions, often appearing as redness on the face and small bumps resembling acne. It is notoriously hard to treat. Over-the-counter products are typically ineffective, and prescription-strength treatments are required to ease the condition and see results. 

Musely has developed The Red Set, a prescription-only two-step treatment, including a facial mask and a cream. An oral medication is available as an add-on to help with flare-ups. The Red Set is formulated with ingredients such as sulfur, ivermectin, metronidazole & niacinamide to effectively and affordably provide rosacea relief.

Solving female hair loss

Forty percent of women report experiencing hair loss by the age of 40, often caused by hormonal changes that come with the onset of menopause or after pregnancy. As with skin conditions, hair loss can be debilitating mentally, and can seem inevitable. Over-the-counter shampoos and oils are usually ineffective, and many women feel time is running out to find a solution as they literally watch their hair wash down the drain.

Musely developed The Hair Solution to fight female-pattern hair loss and stimulate hair preservation and regrowth. Instead of ineffective formulas that do little more than smell nice, Musely’s topical prescription treatment includes ingredients such as minoxidil, finasteride, and spironolactone to effectively block the hormone contributing to hair loss, resulting in fuller, thicker hair. An optional oral medication is also available. 

Disrupting the skincare industry

The company’s focus on “science over scent” ensures real results, rather than just flashy packaging and over-hyped ingredients found in beauty-counter brands. According to the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Marie Jhin, “We combine the most efficacious ingredients together… It’s made fresh and sent right away to the patient.” The compounding process is what Musely calls their “pharm to table” approach, which prevents the loss of effectiveness that comes with ingredient oxidation.

Roya Sadeghian, a Musely patient that had melasma, reviewed how she attained clear skin: “I’m an esthetician, so I tried as many products as I could, and none of them worked. With Musely, I was skeptical at first, but after seeing all those real testimonials and photos, I knew there had to be something! [The melasma] started on my cheeks and over five to six years, it spread all over my face. I felt disfigured. I thought I had to live with it forever… I saw results within a few weeks with Musely.”

The thousands of patient testimonials are unanimous: Musely skincare works! Musely’s direct-to-consumer model, backed by skincare science and helmed by board-certified dermatologists, is the answer to delayed appointments, lengthy wait-times, and lines at the pharmacy for expensive prescriptions. Instead, patients have near real-time access to a doctor, regular check-ins, and a customized solution to their skincare needs. 

According to Musely board-certified dermatologist Dr. MJ Serota: “The paradigm for treating dermatology patients has really shifted and telemedicine has really opened up access to a dermatologist at your fingertips. Traditionally, to see a dermatologist in the United States could take 3-6 months… whereas at Musely, you can get an answer and a prescription virtually in real time, and then the doctor stays with you along your treatment journey…You basically have a lifeline to a dermatologist whenever you need it.”

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