Why is Writing About Art So Difficult? – Literary Hub

My creative life began in the dilapidated art building of a Midwestern, Big Ten college with a busted up Coke machine in the lobby and the smell of plywood and burning metal in the air. I didn’t often have to write about my art, but I was occasionally forced to find the words to defend my artis…….

History Writing Assistant – Academics – Lake Forest College

Working on a history paper? 

The History Writing Assistant is available to help students in History courses with their writing assignments. The History Writing Assistant can help you with all stages of writing a history paper, from understanding a prompt, to compiling evidence, to formu…….

October Weather And The Wines To Drink With Them – Forbes

This weekend the calendar turns from September to October. It’s a transition that, for many readers and wine lovers, also signals a change from white or rosé wine to reds, as “October weather” with its gusts of wind and chillier temperatures takes hold.

What wines go with October w…….

Yoga Wheel Pose: How To, Variations, and Alternatives – Greatist

The Yoga Wheel Pose is a challenging asana. It’s a great way to open up the chest while strengthening the arms, legs, and core. Yoga Wheel Pose is also a good way alleviate pressure in the lower back or spine.

Are you ready for a wheel-y rad yoga pose to add to your pra…….