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Beauty and skincare trends are ever-evolving, and it only gives way to more must-have cleansers, toners, and moisturisers. Backed by beauty influencers and other experts, the plethora of options available in the market makes it difficult for people to live by a certain routine. The urge of trying new products often ends us with a wide variety of skincare products, and still, we struggle to get clear and flawless skin. Hoarding products is not the ideal way, it not just confuses you but also leads to a waste of money and the product as well.

In case you have a bunch of skincare products that have not been used regularly and you are on the verge to throw them away, here are some ways you can turn it around into something sustainable:

  1. Sheet masks

One of the popular components of Korean skincare, adapted by Indians is the sheet mask. While there is very little chance that you would throw it away as they are quite long-lasting, one has to be very particular about how they are used. These masks are single-use and they have an excessive amount of hydrating serums and oils. Each packet as well as the mask contains way more than what is required to apply on your face in one sitting. Hence, you can either store the leftover serum in an air-tight jar or you can apply the extra serum on your neck, decolletage, hands, and feet.

  1. Toners can be used as cleansers

Washing face in the morning is a task, especially during winters. If you resonate with it, here is a tip for you. Use a mild and hydrating toner as a cleanser to remove any build-up on the face. A gentle toner on a cotton pad will rule out the impurities on your face and leave you feeling fresh.

  1. Use face oil, face moisturiser on the body

If you have a bottle of facial oil or face moisturiser that didn’t meet your expectations, instead of throwing it away, you can use it on your body. You can even mix a few drops of the face oil with the moisturiser to provide it a correct consistency – this way you will get supple and smooth skin. Facial oils can be repurposed as cuticle oil as well for the feet. We often ignore the feet and don’t even apply moisturisers regularly on them. Apply the facial oil on freshly washed and dried feet, especially cuticles, to keep them strong and prevent them from getting brittle.

  1. Cleansers as beauty tool cleaners

It is very difficult to pick a cleanser that suits your skin type. The wrong kind of cleanser will leave your skin feeling dry and tight and will further reduce the efficacy of your skincare routine. However, the rejected facial cleansers can be used to clean your beauty tools such as makeup brushes, mascara wands, etc. They will break down the product build-up on the bristles of the brushes, and after applying the cleaner all you have to do is rinse the tools under warm water.

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