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Nails are made of keratin and should typically be smooth, spot-free and without discolouration.

Some changes in how your nail looks are abnormal and should raise suspicion.

If you notice your nails swelling, looking discoloured, bleeding, refusing to grow or becoming thinner or thicker, then you should be worried.

How should you take care of your nails?

  1. Cut your nails straight across and then around the side.
  2. Always maintain good nail hygiene. Your nails should be trimmed and clean.
  3. Add a protective layer of nail hardener.
  4. Keep your nails dry and clean as much as you can. Soaking your nails in water causes them to break easily and dirt in the nails cause bacteria growth.
  5. Moisturise your hands and fingernails to keep them healthy.

  1. Don’t bite your nails or cut away from your nail cuticle. A little cut can invite infections.
  2. Don’t use your nails as a tool.
  3. Don’t use nail polish remover to clean your nails. They damage your nails. For women who fix artificial nails frequently, it is better to use acetone remover.
  4. Don’t remove hangnails by ripping them off, but carefully cut them to avoid injury.
  5. Don’t ignore any signs of discolouration in your nails. Visit a doctor or dermatologist.

Source: https://www.pulse.ng/lifestyle/beauty-health/5-nail-care-dos-and-donts/d8tlzp2

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