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While it likely already takes up most of your day, TikTok’ is so much more than funny videos and dance trends. There are so many beauty and skin care tips and tricks on the app, which means nothing is holding you back from getting the skin of your dreams. All you have to do is try out these TikTok skin care hacks, see what works for you, and enjoy your healthy skin to the fullest.

There are so many different parts of skin care that can be tricky to deal with. I’ve struggled with dark circles and oil deposits for so long, and no product or routine has been a full solution to either issue. That is, until I found the skin care side of TikTok. There, beauty gurus of all levels come together to share tips for problems I didn’t even know I could solve. And, the best thing is that none of these hacks require you to totally change up your beauty routine or spend a fortune. At most, you may be adding a few minutes to your morning bathroom time, and the results are so worth it.

Naturally, it’s always worth consulting with a dermatologist or aesthetician before diving headfirst into any trend you find on the internet. Once you’ve decided to shoot your shot, get ready to be glowing to your fullest with these TikTok skin care tips and tricks.

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1. TikTok Skin Care Hack: Moisturize Damp Skin

2. TikTok Skin Care Hack: Pinch Your Under Eyes

If you struggle with dark under eye circles, there could be two main causes for this, according to TikTok and Dr. Dennis Gross. Either your skin is thin, meaning your purple-hued veins are showing through, or your under eye skin is discolored. When pinching the skin under your eyes, if the darkness goes away, you want to try a collagen-building eye serum like vitamin C, whereas if the dark color stays, you’ll want something with retinol to help with brightening the skin.

3. TikTok Skin Care Hack: Hydro Seal Band-Aids

4. TikTok Skin Care Hack: Oil Control

You’ll never leave the house again without Revlon’s Oil-Absorbing Roller on hand. Rather than go through countless blotting sheets, you can use this roller over and over again to get rid of any unwanted shine.

5. TikTok Skin Care Hack: Double Cleanse

I’ve truly never thought of this, but the skin care gurus on TikTok swear by washing your face not once, but twice. Instead of only using a cleanser, try mixing in a cleansing oil as well to get all the dead skin cells, makeup, and bacteria off your face.

6. TikTok Skin Care Hack: Oil Massage

Are you tired of those little black dots (not blackheads) that show up on your nose and cheeks? Well, you can apparently work them out by gently massaging an oil cleanser into your skin for upwards of 15 minutes.

TikTok to the rescue for all your skin struggles.

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