8 Chic Weekend Hair Styles That Aren’t a Slicked-Back Bun – Stylist Magazine

In deepest lockdown, most of us did very little in the way of hairstyling. Instead, we became familiar with hair masks and, I imagine, purchased Olaplex like it was going out of fashion. Slicked-back buns ruled the Zoom call and, to their credit, they did us a lot of good. 

However, that was then and this is now; post-lockdown life is all about doing the things that bring beauty and romance into our lives. And that includes doing the most at all times.

Grabbing a coffee, popping out for lunch, strolling around the park, or perusing a market all seem to necessitate a curated aesthetic. That Acne Scarf I can’t move two metres for seeing, curtain bangs – everywhere, and wraparound Matrix-esque sunglasses are the vibe for almost every casual occasion. And, while the thought of dressing specifically for these little social moments seems like a lot, I love that we’ve leant back into revelling in the things we like. 

Source: https://www.stylist.co.uk/beauty/hair/weekend-hair/614127

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