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I’ve used all sorts of sleep masks over the years, from airline and hotel freebies to molded foam ones I actually paid for. But they all failed me by being either too snug, irritating on my skin, or inadequate at blocking out the light. Then I found the Lunya Washable Silk Sleep Mask. Not only does it cloak my eyes in darkness, but wearing it feels like I’m sleeping with a silky cloud on my face. (Wirecutter has an entire guide to sleep masks, and though I love my brilliant colleagues, none of the picks worked for me.)

First, a little background about me. I prioritize sleep above almost everything else. I’m at my best when I get nine hours a night, and I can easily go for a solid 11 on the weekends. My bedding is the best-quality long-staple cotton percale that I can afford—on sale, of course—and every one of my six pillows (yes, six) has a specific purpose in supporting my slumber. I don’t play around.

Back to the Lunya mask. It’s soft and puffy—basically a poly-filled pillow for your eyes, secured by an elastic headband—with just the right amount of compression. The band isn’t adjustable, yet somehow it provides enough give to fit comfortably around my larger-than-average noggin while not being too loose for people with smaller heads—as confirmed by my upstairs neighbor. (The mask comes in just one size; Lunya says it fits heads that are 23 to 26 inches in circumference.) The 3-inch-wide elastic band is broad enough to hold my sleeping braids in place, and it’s also less likely to leave a crease than a thin elastic strap. I also like that the silk doesn’t rough up my naturally curly hair. (Silk pillowcases, btw, are also great for any type of textured hair.)

Not only does the Lunya mask completely block out light, it also covers the ears.

The buttery-smooth silk is also gentle on my skin. My skin-care routine includes some pretty aggressive chemical exfoliants (because wishes don’t work on wrinkles), so my skin is especially sensitive to friction caused by rougher materials.

As of this writing, the Lunya mask is available in six colors: tan, white, bright pink, navy, grey, and black. I bought mine in navy because I slather my face in potions before bed, and I feared that a light-colored mask would look dingy real fast.

Not only does the Lunya mask completely block out light, it also covers the ears. This little feature doesn’t really muffle sound—for me, it’s more of a feeling of settling into my cocoon for the night with a swaddled face. My upstairs neighbor also sleeps with the Lunya mask, and we talk about it at least once a month. She’s convinced that sleeping with it reduces her eye puffiness. I can’t say I’ve noticed that for myself since I actively avoid mirrors until I’ve had a shower and coffee.

I think keeping your mask clean is as important as washing your pillowcase, especially if you want to avoid breakouts. Even though it’s made from silk, the Lunya mask is machine-washable. That said, I hand-wash my mask with Woolite because the Lunya is small and easy enough to wash in the sink. After about three months of use, it still feels as silky as the day I got it.

There is one hitch with this mask: the price. At around $50, the Lunya is definitely a splurge. But for me a restful night’s sleep is invaluable.

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