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Sure, we all know that talking about Bruno is off limits, but we can chat about all things Encanto, right? The dazzling musical has become an international hit, but you know what’s even better than watching the film, shopping for your favorite Encanto items and shopDisney has plenty in store.

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Audiences have fallen in love with Disney’s Encanto and we can see why! Not only is the Madrigal family a joy to watch (seriously, I want to hang out with this crew), but the music is simply fantastic and you don’t have to be Colombian to relate to the story.

In addition to enjoying the film on Disney+ fans can bring elements of the movie and characters to their signature style with makeup and accessories from shopDisney! Whether you want to add some new color to your beauty routine or just need to dazzle with a favorite pair of earrings, you can find a delightful assortment or Encanto products designed for adults and younger fans too.

Below is a collection of items that are available now on shopDisney and we’ve included links to these products. Happy shopping.

Makeup and Beauty

In conjunction with the film’s release, Latina-owned beauty company Alamar Cosmetics launched a line inspired by Maribel and her sisters. This lovely collection includes eyeshadow, blush, makeup brushes, lip gloss and a really cool folding mirror.

Encanto Eyeshadow Palette by Alamar

Encanto ”I’m Blawesome” Blush by Alamar

Encanto ”¡Dimelo Cantando!” Lip Gloss by Alamar

Madrigal Magical Mirror – Encanto

Encanto ”My Best Self Duo” Complexion Brushes by Alamar

Whether they admit it or not, everyone wants to own a Minnie Mouse Ear Headband to wear at the parks or any special occasion. So if you’re shopping for your first pair or adding to your Disney collection, you cannot go wrong with this brightly colored headband inspired by Mirabel.

Encanto Minnie Mouse Ear Headband for Adults

Those looking for something more simplistic, that can be worn everyday will appreciate this knotted teal headband. The outside is embroidered with flowers while inside features the message “Magic Awaits You.”

Encanto Headband


You’ve figured out the makeup and headwear part of your look and now it’s time to move on to jewelry. Kids and adults alike will find this Bolo Charm Bracelet to be a great addition to any outfit as it provides bright colors across five charms. The thin chain pleasantly accents the wrist and the Bolo style clasp makes it easy to adjust so you get the best fit.

Encanto Bolo Charm Bracelet

Finally, let’s talk earrings. If you’re incorporating several elements of Encanto to your look these posts and drop earrings provide the perfect finishing touch; alternatively, these styles are also perfect on their own and their versatility means they’ll match with nearly everything in your wardrobe.

Encanto Earring Set

Encanto Drop Earrings




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