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Shauna Slaughter and I had an awesome day at Amy & Co Skin Care Spa.

We arrived and walked into a beautifully appointed space with Amy & Co welcoming us with open arms. We were shown around and I took pictures which I posted online. The decor is lovely and relaxing. It’s a visual delight but also awakens other senses. It’s a peaceful calming atmosphere and you can make yourself at home.

Shauna went first and I watched while Amy applied the customized mask and LED photon therapy light and then the hand and arm massage. I stepped out for awhile to let Shauna enjoy her time. Then I got my time to be pampered.

It was quite interesting and different from any facial I ever had before. Actually a psychedelic experience. The red light glows brightly over the mask which goes on cold but feels nice and soothing. The music enhances the overall experience.

I started seeing purple and orange and then what looked like the universe exploding in my head after a loud click. After it was over I felt totally relaxed and could have stayed longer. I loved the whole wonderful package and recommend it highly. Definitely want to get a group together and make it a party next time. It’s a much needed addition to Rogersville.

Shauna told me she was very happy and appreciative not to have to go out of town for a spa day.

Amy Hickman Gudger owner and licensed Aesthetician said, ”My mission statement is: To make each woman feel as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. All women are beautiful. We are here to serve our beautiful small town and surrounding areas. I recognized that our town needed something like a full skin care spa and I wanted to serve our community. Small businesses are so important to our town. I want to be a part of that.”

“I’m a strong woman! And I believe I will flourish for sure. I absolutely love my job. It’s my passion. I’ve always heard if you love what you do then you will never work a day in your life. That’s how I feel. It’s not a “job”. It’s my passion. I would do it for free if I won the lottery. I love to pamper women and help them relax and have me time.”

Amy asked that I include all the names of the staff: Lori Carmack, Spa manager; Sierra Trent, Receptionist; Liz Woolridge, Weekend Receptionist; Laura Manis, Weekend Receptionist; Ally Graham, Licensed Aesthetician; and Josie Blackenbeckler, Licensed Aesthetician

Amy said, ”They are all such hard workers and I appreciate each of these girls. They deserve recognition as well.”

I asked Amy to describe the treatments she did for us and she said, ”I cleansed your face, did a diamond-tipped microdermabrasion, applied a customized jelly mask and used the red light (anti aging), hand and arm massage and followed up with moisturizer/SPF with a facial massage and scalp massage.”

Elizabeth DiBedetto Woolridge said,”Becky didn’t you just love it? Amy teaches us all the importance of self care and makes every client feel like they are the only one. She is the best!”

Kirk Ethridge said, ”Looks like you were slimed by that ghost on Ghostbusters.”

Shauna Slaughter said, ”I had a refreshing experience at Amy & Co . So enjoyed my facial, I’m definitely going back!”

Amy gave me some samples of Age Reversist series to try by Dr. C. Tuna fine line and wrinkle prevention exfoliating cleanse, rich moisturizer, eye cream and all night beauty mask.

I forgot my samples because we were chatting so mom and I went back the next day. Plus mom wanted a consultation with Amy who decided that the 60 minute Rosacea treatment cold facial would be best.

We are both looking forward to seeing Amy again. She has a special way of understanding her clients needs and making us feel special in return.

I used my samples and I really love them. I put on the all night mask and it wasn’t sticky or tight. It’s like a second skin and no problem to sleep in . I sent Amy some pictures and she liked my results and so do I. Thank you Amy & Co Skin Care Spa for such an incredible experience and can’t wait to see you again

Amy & Co Skin Care Spa opened on Nov. 11 and is located in downtown Rogersville at 201 Washington Street, Suite 2.

The official ribbon cutting is expected to take place sometime after the first of the year. For more information all 423-293-0100.


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