Best Hair Growth Serums for Longer Hair, According to Experts –

If you’re actively struggling with hair loss, you’ll want to reach for this over-the-counter option, as Shaver says minoxidil—which comes in both 2% and 5% options—is the best choice for combatting genetic hair loss. “It should be used continually and should not be stopped and restarted. Shedding may occur during the first few months and is usually an indication that the medication is beginning to work,” she adds. “Results can take up to one year and the product should be continued for ongoing results.”

Over 4,500 Amazon shoppers have given this particular treatment from Rogaine a five-star rating. “For me, this product is like a miracle,” one wrote. “Four months after starting with this product, I feel like a new person. I can wash my hair and collect a normal amount of shed hair in the drain. When I brush my hair, a few come out, again, that’s normal.”


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