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A woman was called the “queen of transformation” when she showed her face before and after makeup, leaving viewers screaming “that this can’t be the same person”.

Rosalinda Dershmuk’s TikTok videos left people scratching their heads as she changed her appearance completely – from hair styles, eye colour to skin complexion.

In some of her viral clips, she shows her “bare face” – with dark circles around the eye bags and colour pigmentation around her lips and forehead as well as stained teeth.

Within seconds, she turns into a glam beau in flawless makeup.

The stunning eyeliner gives an illusion of foxy eyes and the face contouring accentuates Rosalinda’s strong jawline.

Rosalinda Dershmuk left a lot of viewers surprised when she showed her ‘bare face’ with ‘black eyes’
(Image: TikTok/cramakeup)

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She exudes a “celebrity vibe” while wearing a wig and coloured contact lenses.

One viewer called her transformation a “true meaning of catfish”.

“You look amazing but I’m not gonna lie, I feel like I witnessed a crime,” a second wrote and a third added: “She went from DC Young Fly to Rihanna, Lil Kim.”

Rosalinda also shared step-to-step tutorial as she told her fans to “stop judging a book by its cover”.

“Just keep practising and you will get there. But also someone mailed me a toothbrush and a teeth whitening agent,” she added.

Some viewers went through the TikToker’s videos and were convinced that she put on makeup on her “bare face look” to appear older.

Some said she looked like Rihanna after the transformation while others asked Rosalinda for a tutorial
(Image: TikTok/cramakeup)

A woman asked: “Why do you have black eyes? Are you okay? Please tell us if you are suffering any kind of abuse.”

But one pointed out: “She’s wearing makeup to make it look like bruises or dark spots on her face. She’s a talented makeup artist.”

“She might be using turmeric to stain her teeth and making it look yellow. Check her Instagram, she doesn’t have yellow teeth,” a second added.

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