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I was first introduced to TV host and entertainment reporter Catt Sadler back in 2010 on E! News, and have tuned in to many of her celebrity interviews and red-carpet appearances since then. With 20 years of on-air experience and three Emmys under her belt, the 46-year-old journalist and mother of two also runs her own production company and has several new projects in the pipeline. And though I knew she was quite the fashionista, I didn’t realize she was also a self-proclaimed beauty junkie. Here, Sadler dishes on her favorite products, trends and more.

What was life like for you growing up? How did you get into TV?
“I grew up in central Indiana, a long long way from Hollywood. It was a pretty ‘normal’ upbringing as far as those go. I was very outgoing and active—in sports, in the arts, very social—and I loved to TALK. I especially enjoyed asking questions of people. Curiosity drove me. It was in college when I started to explore journalism because of some of my heroes: Oprah, Katie Couric and Diane Sawyer. At the same time, I was glued to MTV and VH1, and loved the fashion, entertainment and more glamorous side of broadcasting. After being discovered by a TV agent in New York at age 22, he helped me engineer my dream career of TV broadcasting.”

What are your thoughts on Hollywood beauty ideals?
“Having worked in the business for 20-plus years now, I love to see the shift toward self-love and beauty and body acceptance. There are so many more positive social movements that encourage women to worship their individuality and uniqueness today. Is aging difficult, though? Yes. For me it’s about the balance. Working on my physical with exercise and lots of yummy products, but also doing the internal work of meditating and journaling regularly.” 

Would you consider yourself a beauty junkie? Do you love trying new things or do you stick to staples?
“I am a beauty junkie indeed! One of my first jobs while in college was at Nordstrom at the makeup counter. I got immersed into various skin-care lines at the time. That’s when I got the bug to try everything! So yes, I enjoy trying new things but am careful as to not overdue it. Otherwise it can wreak havoc on my skin.”

Did you discover any beauty trends in quarantine/while staying at home?
“I’m really trying to perfect this cat-eye makeup trend. I like how it enhances my face and gives the illusion of lifting my eyes a bit! I’m also obsessed with some of these home beauty tools, and I’m currently enjoying the Dermaflash Luxe Anti-Aging Exfoliation Device. I use it once a week to slough off my dead skin and even take off all of the baby hair on my face. It makes for a much smoother makeup application.”

What are your everyday beauty staples?
“Currently, I’m loving the HERS Biotin Multi-vitamin Gummies for Hair. That’s a staple. I’ve also been using the HERS Minoxidil hair growth serum around my front hairline regularly, and it has made such a difference! I wore extensions for years on TV, so I am actively trying to regrow some sparse spots on my head. This is working! As far as skin care, Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum is amazing. Keeps my face so hydrated! The Rodial Vit C Moisturizer with SPF is perfect for protection—not too sticky or heavy. Oh, I’m also rotating all of the 111SKIN sheet masks and eye patches into my weekly routine!”

Has your beauty routine changed as a result of the pandemic?
“Since the pandemic, I’ve been spending more time on my skin. It looks pretty fantastic (bar a few pimples from maskne!) So overall, I’m taking more time with my skin and it’s been thanking me for it. Less makeup, too. BUT when I do make the effort to go full glam, I’m experimenting more with strong blushes and interesting eyeliner.” 

What are your favorite types of conversations to have when interviewing people or hosting? Does any one in particular or any guest stand out to you?
“Whether its on my IG Lives or my podcasts, connecting with remarkable women gives me so much joy! It inspires me to get up and have important and meaningful conversations. I think we as women feel less alone when we hear the stories of others who have overcome so much to achieve what they have today, whether that’s professional success or personal victories! I can’t wait to tell you more about some major projects I’m working on that will highlight more of the phenomenal female voices out there.”

Tell me more!
“For me, 2020 was about planting a lot of professional seeds in various realms of media. There are three specific offerings I am working on as we speak for 2021, but none of which I can officially announce. Put May on your calendar though because that’s when it will all start to unfold!”

What is one thing you’d like to do in your career that you haven’t done yet?
“I’d like to act in a scripted show or film and not play myself. I’ve played the entertainment reporter a dozen times. For fun, I’d like to tackle a real role—just because! It wouldn’t suck if it was opposite Brad Pitt either.”

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