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Amnicon Falls State Park is Located in South Range, Wisconsin

SOUTH RANGE, Wis. – It’s hard to come by from the sky this summer, so folks are flocking to any source of water they can to catch some relief from the heat.

“Oh, we love it! If you haven’t been here, check it out,” said Tatiana Patterson, visiting Amnicon Falls State Park from New Berlin, Wisconsin.

With over 40 waterfalls to venture to in the Badger State, opportunities are endless when it comes to adventure.

“It was more than what I expected. I didn’t expect very many waterfalls in Wisconsin,” said Troy Patterson, visiting Amnicon Falls State Park from New Berlin, Wisconsin.

For the Pattersons, a trip north from their hometown of New Berlin, Wisconsin, opened their minds to the natural beauty of the state.

“It’s kind of a goal of mine on my bucket list to do the waterfalls in Wisconsin,” said Tatiana. “It was refreshing! It’s just beautiful to hear the water running and it just kind of calms your mind.”

“I think everyone here is probably in the mood to be nice to each other for a change,” said Troy.

With kindness and a cool breeze, the Patterson’s week off from work provided a nice break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in a COVID-19 dominated world.

“We’re getting in the car, we have no destination in mind! We might end up out west, we don’t know,” exclaimed Tatiana.

The Eppinger family followed in the footsteps of many other visitors to the state park.

“We love exploring, and we love getting outside. This is perfect for our family – it’s so refreshing,” said Kelly Eppinger, visiting Amnicon Falls State Park.

“Being able to jump in the water felt pretty good,” said Ben Eppinger.

From dipping in toes to taking in the sights and sounds of Mother Nature, the family of five is embracing each summer day before a long winter sets in before we know it.

“That’s what life is about. To be in nature, to be swimming and enjoy what this beautiful land and earth has to offer,” said Kelly.

Daily park admission to Amnicon Falls State Park runs anywhere from $3 – $15 dollars.


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