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Renowned for putting Ayurveda on the global map, Dabur International; the leading personal care and wellness organisation, has forayed into the premium hair care segment with ‘Vatika Ayurveda’. The brand’s new range that’s already well received in the US is now set to capture the Middle East with its breakthrough, unique and holistic range of formulas. With Vatika Ayurveda’s launch at the India Pavilion, Expo 2020, Dabur International becomes the leading haircare brand to unveil a new segment on a global platform that’s in sync with its commitment to take ancient haircare wisdom and the goodness of Ayurveda across the world.

Offering a unique ‘Yoga for Hair’ experience, the new ‘Vatika Ayurveda’ range embodies the true spirit of nature with the choicest of ingredients and ayurvedic haircare rituals to moisturise, strengthen and volumise. By identifying your unique body constitution leading to specific hair problems, the new range has optimised Ayurveda’s scientific approach to treat them with tailormade solutions. Enriched with rare Ayurvedic herbs like Triphala, Brahmi, Shikakai, ‘Vatika Ayurveda’ is Dabur’s signature innovation with a clean formulation that is free of artificial colors, sulfate-free, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and silicon-free; for a responsible haircare regime.

Deeply rooted in the ancient Ayurvedic wisdom that classifies the human body as a unique combination of nature’s five elements – ether, air, water, fire and earth; Vatika Ayurveda offers customised hair care solutions for specific hair care problems. The three hair care collections under Vatika Ayurveda offer a gamut of hair care solutions that include a shampoo, conditioner, hair oil, and hair mask: –

The Moisturising Collection for dry, brittle hair (For Vata hair type): An imbalance in the air and ether elements causes dry hair which are characteristic of Vata personalities. Vatika Ayurveda’s Ultra-nourishing formulas enriched with a blend of nutrient-dense, highly rejuvenating Ayurvedic herbs and Coconut oil to condition brittle and damaged strands. Mulethi (Licorice Root), Brahmi (Baccopa Monnieri) and Gotu kola (Centella) intensely nourish and moisturise from root to ends while enhancing shine and help control frizz.

The Strengthening Collection for weak, thinning hair (For Pitta hair type): An imbalance in fire and water elements causes weak hair characteristic of Pitta personalities. Vatika Ayurveda’s Gentle formulas enriched with a blend of potent Ayurvedic herbs and plant extracts to strengthen weak, fine thinning hair while energising the scalp to promote healthy hair growth. Nourishing Kumari (Aloe vera) combines with the king of herbs Bhringraj (False Daisy), a, key Ayurvedic herb for the hair, and Triphala (Myrobalan) to nourish, strengthen and stimulate hair growth.

The Volumising Collection for Distressed Scalp & weighed down hair (For Kapha hair type): An imbalance in earth and water elements causes oil build-up making hair fall flat. Vatika Ayurveda’s rebalancing & volumising formulas with a blend of medicinal Ayurvedic plants known for their ability to revitalise the hair and promote scalp health. Highly rejuvenating Amla (Indian Gooseberry), cleansing Shikakai (Soap berry), and rejuvenating Triphala (Myrobalan) combine to detoxify and remove impurities from strands and scalp while giving it a bounce and volume.

Commenting on Dabur International’s foray into the premium and personalised hair care segment, Mr. Krishan Kumar Chutani, CEO Dabur International said; “Dabur has always stayed true to its DNA by offering innovative formulations that have been tried and tested for centuries. Ayurveda is a way of life that understands that every individual is unique and any hair, skin or health problem is just an imbalance of the natural elements within. Vatika Ayurveda is the only brand that identifies your prakriti to know the imbalance of Vata, Pitta or Kapha and provide customised solutions with a blend of rare Ayurvedic herbs to suit your unique wellness needs. Yoga balances the body and mind, Vatika Ayurveda balances your hair giving you healthy and beautiful hair.”

An amalgamation of technology and traditional knowledge, the Vatika Ayurveda website is equipped with AI chatbot to understand consumer hair problems and offer customied solutions. Consumers can also explore hair guides to understand their hair type and embark on a renewed hair care journey with Vatika Ayurveda by their side.


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