Derma Essentia: nature-inspired skin & hair care – The Statesman

It is a nature-inspired skin & hair care brand which is committed to making a profound difference in the lives of their customers. The products are synergistically developed with secrets of natural, proven skin bio-actives, and science to work on a deeper cellular level which protects against environmental aggressors.

Trichoedge Hair smoothening Serum: It is enriched with the natural oils of Brazilian Pracaxi Oil and Moroccan Argan oil – which will bring long-lasting hydration and shine to your hair. It is for all hair types “Smoothens the Split ends, Anti-Frizz Action, Protects & Repair Damaged, Hair Provides Long-lasting Hydration ”

Under eye gel 525 Derma Essentia: They defies dark circles, puffy eyes, eye bags, sunken eyes, hollow eyes, fine lines, crows feet & under eye wrinkles for a refreshed youthful look. It is for all skin types “Visibly reduces under eye dark circles, Minimises eye bags and puffiness, Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes, Moisturizes, protects and brightens the skin around the eyes, Gives your face a youthful and fresh appearance, Helps in less tired eyes, more energetic illuminating skin under eyes”


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