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All-natural, vegan, and cruelty free hair care brand, Bomba Curls, has launched in 348 Target stores nationwide (as well as, making it the first female-owned Dominican hair care brand to hit Target shelves.
The launch includes all three of the brand’s signature products including the Forbidden Oil ($22), Forbidden Mask ($28) and Bomba Beauty Bites ($20). The award-winning products were created by using unique elements of Dominican inspired formulations blended with generational hair care secrets and organic ingredients to naturally nourish the scalp, promote healthy hair growth and achieve luscious curls.
Since launching 2 years ago, Bomba Curls has made a name for itself amongst curly haired beauties, catering to type 3 and type 4 curls which are the most common curl types throughout the Afro-Latino and African-American communities. CEO and founder Lulu Cordero built the brand on the idea of sharing products created with natural ingredients inspired by her Afro-Dominican heritage while bringing representation to mainstream media on the beauty of natural hair.
“I grew up in a world where the wild curls that naturally grew from my head had a stigma attached to them,” says Cordero. “When I went natural, I heard all kinds of negative comments from people, including my friends and family. I even had cousins exclude me from a holiday party out of fear I would embarrass them by showing up with ‘big, natural hair’. Bomba Curls is my love letter to women and girls everywhere who have ever been made to feel that their natural coils and kinks are somehow anything less than beautiful.”

The Origin of Bomba Curls

Cordero began her journey to creating Bomba Curls after suffering from traction alopecia and making a commitment to a healthier lifestyle, which included no longer relaxing her hair.
“Once I started to eat clean I realized I wanted an all-around cleaner lifestyle, so I began looking at the beauty products I was using. I was horrified to discover that so many of my personal care products, especially hair care products, were jam-packed with extremely toxic chemicals,” says Lulu. For women of color, so many of the hair care products available consist of hazardous chemicals that can not only cause chemical burns but also “disrupt” the endocrine system, which helps regulate hormones. Lulu went to work and used her knowledge as an undergrad in biology mixed with generations of Dominican beauty secrets to create hair elixirs that made her curls and edges flourish. Through Bomba Curls, she’s continuing to spread the message that self-love is the best love.
Bomba Curls began selling in retail stores in 2020 and had a successful launch in Nordstrom and Thirteen Lune (JCPenney), ending 2021 in over 30 retail locations. Launching in Target kicks off a major retail expansion for the brand in 2022, who expects to close out the year in a combined 650 retail stores.


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