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Winter is a lovely time in Malta, but it’s also a wonderful period in Gozo. Indeed, the small island of Gozo, is a small, rural area where time seems to pass slower. Gozo is one of the oldest inhabited places on earth and undeniably, it’s also an idyllic spot for those in search of a relaxing family escape, with an option for long walks in the countryside in winter or to dine in some amazing restaurants.  

Once more, GasanZammit hit the local roads, sporting another handsomely styled and thoughtfully designed car, the new Volvo XC60 to explore Gozo and the many wonderful things to see and do there. Volvo’s new car offers style, luxury, and lots of advanced tech and is one of the best premium SUVs. Certainly, driving this practical luxury car in Gozo, unfilled a seamless opportunity, for a joyride and relishing the tranquil beauty and the peaceful serenity that few places in the world like Gozo, are capable to offer.  

As we drove through the calm and quiet setting of some of the most peaceful and discreet locations in Gozo, such as Ta’ Kerċem, we could easily notice that the engine of XC60 is silent. Even as you gain speed through the inland landscapes of this tiny island, there is hardly any engine noise seeping in, thanks to the high-quality materials Volvo used. 

As we drove our way for the Ta’ Pinu shrine, and passed through Gozo’s countryside, we enjoyed the luxury of Volvo’s Sensus Connect. This incredible infotainment system brings remarkable technologies to your fingertips and makes it possible to use apps and turn your vehicle into a Wi-Fi hotspot. This extraordinary feature boosts your driver experience and makes life on the road much easier. 

Inside the new XC60, you’ll find a comfortable, stylish, and understated interior. The inside facelift also features new interior materials, including leather-free options as well as ‘City Weave’ textile upholstery. As we tracked down to Gozo’s northerly coast, just up from Marsalforn, to admire the 350-year-old salt pans found at Xwejni Bay, we were capable to comprehend more another significant safety upgrade found in this model; Volvo’s latest Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). No doubt, this feature is one of the hottest innovations in transportation and this technology is specifically designed to guide drivers in getting to their destinations safely. 

Our experience in Gozo, while driving the stylish, posh, and safe Volvo XC60 was superb and entertaining. As we drove through the natural beauty of Gozo on a typical winter day, we could witness at first hand, that Volvo’s SUV latest model, is incredibly stylish, comes with a safety kit and is one of the most comfortable cars you can possibly buy.  

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