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Cheris Hodges | The Laurinburg Exchange

Shealeka Wortham plans to make clients at her new salon, Ego’z, feel like royalty when they visit.

LAURINBURG — Shealeka Wortham, 36, has been doing hair since she was in high school. And she always had a vision for what a salon visit should be like.

It only took listening to a song by Beyonce to come up with a name for it.

Wortham will open Ego’z Hair Salon on Jan. 1 in the Walmart shopping center, a place where she said her clients will be pampered.

“When I think of a salon, I think of royalty, Egyptian, natural, good vibes,” she said.

Wortham wants her clients to feel pampered like Cleopatra, but she doesn’t plan on keep someone sitting in her salon all day to get a service completed.

“We all have things to do,” she said. “I plan to offer one-on-one service and you won’t see people just sitting around waiting.”

She knows this experience.

“One day when I went to a hair salon to get my locs done, I was there all day. I’m like there’s no way it takes this long to get your hair done.”

Wortham said, right now, she’s the only Ego’z stylist, but she has two booths available for rent. Opening the salon was something that she said her husband encouraged her to do when she was unsatisfied with her former job. Wortham went to school, had an internship in Southern Pines and now she gets to bring her vision to life.

Wortham said that her focus is healthy hair. She will be using all-natural products in the salon to keep her clients’ locs in great shape and their scalps clean.

Wortham plans to offer services like natural hair care, braiding, locs and blowouts. “I do it all,” she said.

While she will be opening up for services on Saturday, Wortham said she plans to have a large grand opening event in February to introduce her shop to the city.

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