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WILBRAHAM – A new skin care spa in Wilbraham aims to address skincare needs in a holistic manner that is more than skin-deep.

Inner Glow Skin Studio is a two-floor studio with a therapeutic consultation room and two treatment stations in a home-like spa atmosphere.

Owner Mary Mathews, a former dental hygienist, decided to make a career change when she heard about a skin care device that performs, “transdermal needleless infusion,” a non-invasive procedure that claims to have benefits for skin. She went back to school and learned from holistic skin care professionals. Matthews traveled to Denver, CO, to train to use the device.

After the training, however, Matthews found more hurdles had to be overcome before she could open her own business.

Hurdles to opening

Originally, Matthews had planned to rent a space with another esthetician, but realized it would not be large enough for the business she envisioned. When touring the former post office in Wilbraham next to the Public Library, she asked out of curiosity if the building was for sale. After showing video of the space to her parents, they bought the building “on a whim,” Matthews said, adding that, “it was an investment,” in her future.

After the sale was final in November 2019, Matthews was in the process of obtaining a special permit from the Zoning Board of Appeals when the pandemic struck. For several months, most businesses closed and the Town Hall was closed to the public, making the routine practice harder than it would have been otherwise. The special permit was approved in June 2020.

Then, this summer, strong rains caused widespread flooding in Wilbraham and a pipe burst. The building’s basement had to be pumped by the Fire Department on two consecutive days. Despite all that, Matthews was finally able to open the doors on Nov. 1.

“We’re finally here,” she said.


Inner Glow Skins Studio performs “transdermal needleless infusion,” with a device from the company JetPeel, which bills itself as “a natural Botox alternative,” that hydrates, tightens, cleanses skin and helps with pigmentation issues. The manufacturers also state the device will help regrow hair.

“It’s a device out of Israel,” that ejects a high-pressure stream of oxygenated air and saline. Matthews said the device was developed to debride wounds and, “It made sense to me,” that it could help with skin conditions.

The jet of air and saline vapor that comes from the nozzle of the machine is cold. Mathews wraps her clients in blankets to create a warm, comfortable feeling and she said the mixture of warm and cold sensations is “very soothing.”

Another treatment Matthews performs is Procell Microchanneling, which purports to help with wrinkles, sun damage and acne scars. According to the Procell literature on the process, “Microchanneling stimulates your body’s natural ability to generate new healthy skin. Matthews described it as “gentle stamping” of the skin that triggers the release of collagen.

Inner Glow Skin Studio also offers Neurotris Microcurrent service, which “mimics the body’s natural electrical current to reduce common signs of aging,” according to Inner Glow Skin Studio’s website, by “re-educating the facial muscles and repairing damaged tissues.”

Matthews said the contactless techniques she uses have no pain or downtime associated with them. Aside from these, she also performs European facials and brow, lash and facial waxing.

Currently, Matthews is the only aesthetician at Inner Glow Skin Studio, but she plans to add more staff eventually. Once she does, clients will be able to schedule treatments for more of the body than the face and scalp work she is doing now.

Aside from one-on-one appointments, Matthews offers small group parties. She said preteens and teens can have a consultation party in which they learn about taking care of their skin and how to clean their faces “naturally.” Inner Glow Skin Studio also has holiday packages and gift cards available.


Matthews said she gathers as much information about her clients as possible before beginning any treatments. She said, “Yes, I’m going to put in that extra time, but I’m also going to give you that TLC.”

Matthews told Reminder Publishing her philosophy is “working with your body to naturally rejuvenate your scalp and skin.” She does not want to stop there, though. While she generally works with clients who have acne, rosacea and other skin ailments, she said, one client came to her with jaw pain and she was able to help them by massaging their muscles with the jet propulsion of the machine.

“I can assist with more outside of the skin,” she said, and added that her business offers options that others in the area do not. “I’m carving out a different path in wellness,” Matthews said.


Despite the high-end feel to the treatments, Matthews said she wants her services to be affordable. She said she is willing to work with people and offer different payment options.

When a client has needs that she cannot address, Matthews said that she refers them to other businesses and to medical professionals in town. She explained that she sees small businesses in Wilbraham as working together to treat the whole person. Inner Glow Skin Studio is located at 2 Crane Park Dr. To learn more about the studio, visit https://www.innerglowskinstudio.com.

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