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A cup of hot chocolate and warmth of a cosy blanket while you binge watch on Netflix is the ideal winter weekend that we all look forward to. As we can feel the temperature dipping in the air, we all have our cosy weekend routines set to pamper ourselves. In the midst of our chilling plans, we often forget that with a shift in season, our hair needs some extra care too and it is about time for us to switch up our hair care routines. Dry season means drier hair, flaky scalp and rough follicles but fret not as we have got you covered with a winter hair care guide. This season take some time out for yourself and indulge in a self-care routine as you get your hands on these amazing winter hair care tips for the season.

Build Up Your Hair Care Routine In Winters With These Tips

Notch up your hair care products as well this winter.

1. Moisturisation Is Not Just For The Skin But For The Hair Too

Moisturisation is the key for a healthy beauty routine and with a dip in the temperature, it is common for our hair too to get dry and flaky. The best way to give it some moisturisation is by oiling your hair after every few days depending on your hair type. Go for hair oils that are infused with the goodness of ingredients that suit your hair type and hair concern.

2. Sulphate Free Shampoos Are A Must

Maintain a natural moisture balance with sulphate-free shampoos. Go for the ones which contain moisture content and can hydrate the hair as the chilled season can make them dry and rough. It is best to look out for shampoos that are moisturising and will help in maintaining the natural balance of the hair.

3. Conditioning Is A Priority

Hair masks are the best way to condition your hair and keep them soft and smooth. Apart from choosing the right conditioner, it is also essential to get the technique right. Conditioning can be forgotten when it comes to your hair care routine and in winters, your hair surely needs some extra care.

4. Avoid Hot Water

Washing your hair with hot water can be another added reason for dry and rough hair. Avoid extra hot water for your hair, instead go for room temperature water as it will help in maintaining the natural moisture balance as well. Extra hot water for hair can absorb all the moisture, making your hair dull and promoting breakage. Lukewarm water is the best for showers.

5. Do Not Miss Exfoliation

We might assume that exfoliation can make the scalp dry but let us tell you, mild exfoliation will only add moisture to your hair, making it smooth. Do not go overboard with exfoliation, maybe 1 or 2 times a month can help in maintaining a balance. You can simply opt for hair scrubs or even make your own hair scrub at home using DIY methods with ingredients that suit your hair type and serve the purpose.

Tips For Healthy Hair In Winters:

1. Do not step out with wet hair during this season.

2. Avoid using too many styling tools as it will just add to the damage and dryness.

3. Cover your head while stepping out.

4. Go for trims at regular intervals to avoid damaged ends.

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