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Despite the common trend of nail care, gels and acrylics, knowledge of how medical conditions play into the types of nail designs is not widely spread. For Jen Hirahoka, owner of Jen’s Jewelz, her business is all about maintaining a high level of safety and consideration for the status of her clients.

In 2020, many businesses were challenged with heavy lockdown restrictions and needed to adapt to the new way of living. The same thing could be said for Hirahoka, who at that time was working at a brick-and-mortar salon. It was through the pandemic that she would discover her new business: mobile nail care.

“It’s really about the convenience of being in your own home,” Hirahoka said, emphasizing the fact that taking care of one’s nails should be hindered by the ability or lack thereof to go to a salon.

Even more than just convenience, Jen’s Jewelz utilizes a special type of nail care that makes it more unique than your average nail care company.

“ I don’t work with teenagers or prom girls,” Hirahoka said. “My service is for people who need a gentle touch.” Rather than offering her service to everyone, Jen’s Jewelz works with those who are medically unable to use regular nail care. According to Hirahoka, she mainly works with “Bioscultpure: a natural, vegan based, breathable gel.”

This gel is a better option for those who have pre-existing medical conditions that prevent them from being able to utilize regular acrylic or gel sets. This specialization in natural nail care allows Jen’s Jewelz to be an option for cancer patients, diabetics, or elderly individuals that might not have the medical ability to use normal nail services.

“The nail is breathing underneath,” Hirahoka said when she explained the benefits of her biosculpture sets, “which is different from acrylics which suffocate them.”

Aside from medical benefits of biosculpture and natural nail care, the idea of comfortability, safety, and overall health were brought up by the owner.

Hirahoka said that some of the most important aspects are “safety and cleanliness.” Not only was it important to offer a clean and professional service, but also “making the client feel confident and secure,” she said.

Working through this mobile natural nail care business is not as simple as it might sound, however. Not only is Hirahoka managing her own business and working meticulously to understand and treat each client according to their needs, but she is also studying for a Criminal Justice degree from Los Medanos College as well as taking care of two teenagers. If anyone is interested in using the services of Jen’s Jewelz, contact Hirahoka at [email protected]


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