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Dyeing hair is one of the most common forms of hair care. But applying chemical-laden and synthetic hair dyes frequently can damage hair quality and cause damage. For this reason, more and more people are looking for natural alternatives like Indigo powder to dye their hair black. Also known as ‘blue gold’, Indigo has been extensively used for dyeing textile and colouring hair black naturally for ages. One of the oldest known dyes, Indigo powder doesn’t contain ammonia or PPD, or other chemicals present in most hair dyes as it is obtained from the indigo plant. The process of turning green leaves of indigo plants into blue dye happens through fermentation without any chemicals, hence the powder is completely safe to use. Since Indigo powder is obtained from a medicinal plant, its use is not just limited to dyeing hair black. Here are some of the amazing benefits of incorporating indigo powder into your hair care routine, courtesy Arthi Raguram, Founder, Deyga Organics.

Act as a natural solution to hair fall
If you are suffering from excessive hair fall, then indigo powder can be of great help. Mixing the indigo powder with hair oil and massaging the concoction gently on the scalp can strengthen the hair follicles and prevent hair fall. Regular use of indigo leaf powder can help treat baldness and restore hair volume.

Fights dandruff

Applying organic indigo powder helps eliminate excess grease and grime out of the scalp. Additionally, Indigo powder prevents the scalp from being too oily, too dry, or scaly, which usually contributes to dandruff formation. Using the Indigo powder from a young age can help prevent excessive dryness and itchiness on the scalp as well as reduce the risk of any kind of fungal infection.

Enhances hair quality

Exposure to pollution, excessive use of heating equipment, or chemical hair coloring can make hair look dull and brittle. However, regular use of indigo powder can help nourish hair, and make it appear thicker and softer. Besides, combining different proportions of indigo powder with henna can offer you a variety of beautiful shades like brown, light brown, mahogany, cherry, and more to your hair without damaging it.

Prevent greying of hair
If you start experiencing untimely greying of hair, start using indigo powder to dye hair black as it will reverse premature greying and give grey hair a natural color. Using chemical-laden hair dyes can accelerate the greying and make more hair lose its pigment. Thus, make a smart choice to opt for a natural alternative for dyeing hair rather than using synthetic ones. The best part about the indigo powder is that it does not lead to any side effects.

Promotes hair growth

Massaging hair with indigo leaf oil gently can help accelerate hair growth as the natural ingredients present in the medicinal oil work to keep the hair intact and strengthen roots.

Makes hair stronger

Indigo powder nourishes the hair roots and makes each hair strand stronger and healthier. Combine the powder with coconut oil for enriching the scalp with adequate nutrients and make your tresses tangle-free and manageable.


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