How to enhance your natural beauty thanks to a formidable technique –

Many will have looked in the mirror and noticed that they look more radiant wearing clothes, accessories or using makeup of a certain color. Alternatively, this may have been pointed out by a friend or acquaintance. Is this a coincidence or is there a grain of truth? Let’s see how to enhance your natural beauty thanks to a formidable technique.

This is the color scheme, which deals with studying this aspect of aesthetics and allows you to understand which colors give more to each and therefore to enhance your natural beauty.

Each person falls into a color typology based on factors such as color, undertone, value, contrast and intensity of the skin, eyes and hair. There are four, which take the names of the seasons and are further divided into sixteen subgroups.

How to enhance your natural beauty thanks to this formidable technique

Who belongs to the chromatic typology ofFall should prefer earth tones such as camel, beige, orange, gold and ivory. The most famous example of the Autumn woman is Julia Roberts.

To the people Winter, the most common type, give particular colors such as black, deep blue and anthracite gray. Megan Fox belongs to this type. Who is Spring, like model and actress Cara Delevingne, has a wide choice: from colors like beige-apricot to brighter shades of blue. To abolish too dark colors, such as gray and black. The Summer like Natalie Dormer they look good in soft colors. Go with pastel, powdery and mother-of-pearl shades.

The subgroups

What we have said is only valid in principle. In fact, to understand which colors really look good on a person, we need to analyze his subgroup as well. Each color typology has four, for a total of sixteen, as we had already mentioned.

  • autumn: deep, warm, soft, pure;
  • winter: deep, cool, bright, pure;
  • spring: light, warm, bright, pure;
  • summer: light, cool, soft, pure.

How do you know which color typology and subgroup you belong to?

The analysis is very complex to carry out. For greater precision and to have your own complete color palette, it would be better to rely on an image consultant. If you decide to do this, it is important to remember to show up without make-up if you are a woman. Alternatively, you can try to get an idea of ​​your own chromatic typology by taking into account some factors.

The Fall they have a skin with a warm undertone, brown or red hair and golden or coppery reflections. The eyes are hazel, dark brown and green. The Winter they have dark brown, ash and black hair, with cold reflections, olive, pink or porcelain skin and gray or light blue eyes. THE Spring They have medium to light skin with ivory, peach or beige undertones, light or honey blonde hair and green, blue, hazel or bluish eyes. The Summer they have medium-light skin with cool undertones, light blond or medium brown hair and teal, blue, gray or green eyes.

(The information in this article is for informational purposes only. We do not know the habits of our readers in the use of tools, ingredients and products for personal care. For this reason it is recommended to use the utmost caution and attention with tools, ingredients and products normally used for personal care and make-up. In any case, it is strongly recommended to read the warnings given HERE”)


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