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Purple shampoo is a very popular at-home toning product that has been recommended by the pros for a while (check out our favorites), and recently it made the rounds on social media. Essentially, the purple pigments can color-correct unwanted undertones, such as yellow in blond hair. And they’re stellar products for anyone who colors their hair who wants to lessen yellow hues. 

However—there’s always a “however” in the world of social media!—recently people have started using them as overnight treatments. Yes, people are wearing shampoo while they sleep. “It doesn’t matter if you use sulfate or non-sulfate shampoos; the ingredients in shampoo should not be on your hair overnight,” he says. “We don’t need surfactants and ingredients in our shampoos on our strands for eight hours at a time—that is so drying.” 

But as for shampoo’s hydrating and nurturing sibling, a purple conditioner? Go right ahead. “I have no problems with someone wanting to sleep in a purple conditioner,” he says. “The problem is most people don’t know those exist! They only know about shampoos, so that’s what they use.”   

Source: https://www.mindbodygreen.com/articles/social-media-hair-trends-and-if-they-really-work

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