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You may associate congested skin with warmer months, when the air is thick with humidity and the blazing temperatures leave you with a perpetual layer of sweat. But, alas, acne knows no season, and sometimes wintertime breakouts are even trickier to clear: Cold weather can exacerbate dry, flaky skin, but many ingredients that treat acne are also inherently drying (benzoyl peroxide and witch hazel come to mind). And when your skin barrier is continuously compromised, it’s even more vulnerable to irritants, such as, oh, acne-causing bacteria. See the dilemma here? 

It raises the question: How can you treat those pesky breakouts without completely robbing your skin of moisture? We tapped celebrity esthetician and certified acne specialist Zaida Gordon, founder of Skintegrity LA, for all of her winter breakout tips: 

Source: https://www.mindbodygreen.com/articles/tips-for-winter-breakouts

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