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GETTING a good night’s sleep seems to get harder and harder as we get older.

The stress of work, parenting, bills and general life admin can easily swamp our thoughts and make it hard to fall asleep and stay asleep all night.


Amazon’s best selling eye mask promises to block out all light and be a comfortable fitCredit: Getty

Many of us spend our time Googling ways to fall asleep and one that is often at the top of the list is trying an eye mask.

And one in particular seems to be helping people get their beauty sleep, and it only costs £5 on Amazon.

The Mavogel Cotton Sleep Eye Mask is the top bestseller in Sleep Masks on the popular retail site with a staggering 26,000 five-star reviews. 

The eye mask has become a hit with those who work night shifts, restless sleepers, frequent travellers and insomniacs.

The light-blocking mask also features a flexible cartilage design to allow users to fit the mask perfectly to their nose shape to block out as much light as possible.

The blend of cotton and elastic sponge means the mask does not put any pressure on the eyes so you can barely feel it’s there whilst you hit the hay.

Eye masks are known to help you fall asleep quicker and to stay asleep thanks to blocking out any artificial or natural light, they also help improve your quality of sleep so you do actually wake up feeling refreshed.

People who have tried the mask out for themselves couldn’t recommend it enough, with many saying it’s the first decent night’s sleep they’ve had in years.

One person claimed: “This eye cover has changed my sleep forever, I suffer from insomnia, and the simple use of this mask has helped me change my sleep pattern forever.”

“I have used this for the last couple of days and am very please I can get my full 8 hours!” Wrote another person.

A third person wrote: “Not often does a product does exactly what it’s claimed to do. However, this does, it’s soft, the straps do not cut in, and best of all, there is no, and I do mean no light leakage. Follow the instructions to set it up, and hey presto, afternoon nap heaven.”


The eye mask has amassed over 26k five star reviews from people raving about its effectsCredit: Amazon

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