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A monthly photography competition run by local city centre environmental activist group Cork Nature Network (CNN) is showcasing the natural beauty that exists in Cork and further afield.

Cork Nature Network photo competition winners. Chris Martin – Otter in Cork City

CNN Marketing Director Helena Gavin said the organisation was focused on highlighting and showcasing nature in all its forms.

“Our monthly photo competition is a way to show the public all the beautiful sights and amazing wildlife the island has to offer,” she said. “It is way too easy to forget about the gems that are just in our back garden! 

“Cork Nature Network is devoted to creating awareness and this monthly array of pictures is a great visual reminder of what we are trying to protect.”

Cork Nature Network Photo Competition winners. Conor Rowlands, While tailed Eagle.

Anyone can enter the monthly competition by emailing in images to [email protected] A maximum of two photos of native Irish wildlife can be submitted for consideration. You can submit photos of animals, plants, fungi, or lichen, but they must be of Irish species found in the wild.

Aspiring photographers are asked to include a title for their photo(s) along with their own name and the general location e.g. County Cork. Entries for the month of January will close at 12pm sharp on January 17.

The photo with the most Facebook likes on Cork Nature Network’s page will win the competition and the winning photo will take pride of place as the banner picture for the month.

Wild Walks project 

Cork Nature Network is also running a second competition to coincide with the launch of a new project they have started in collaboration with Cork City Council.

The new ‘Wild Walks’ project seeks to map all the green areas within Cork city as well as the animals and plants that inhabit them.

As part of this project, ecological surveys have been carried out to identify the sites which would best reflect Cork’s incredible biodiversity. These range from coastal woodlands to wildflower grasslands.

“While we often associate cities with a lack of green spaces and nature, there are places within the Cork city boundary where one can go to benefit from spending time in nature,” Founder of CNN Gill Weyman said. “We hope that by getting out in these spaces people will see for themselves why these delicate ecosystems need to be protected and reconnect with nature.’’ 

Cork Nature Network photo competition winners. Robin Barnes, ‘Are ya coming for a swim’

These ecological surveys have been used to create an online virtual map that will allow viewers to see the locations of these green spaces and potential walking trails where people can go to appreciate Cork’s nature.

Cork Nature Network photo competition winners. Stephen Delaney, Migrant Dragonfly

Project Manager Rachel Hayden said: “We are really happy to be able to bring this project to life. Green spaces in Cork city and other urban areas are so important for biodiversity, as well as public health and wellbeing. We wanted to bring these two elements together by mapping some of the wonderful natural sites and walking trails in the area. Hopefully, this way people can find a wild walk local to them and enjoy spending more time in nature.

The project is funded by Cork City Council and Jacobs. 

To celebrate the launch of the Wild Walks project CNN is running a competition with a walking pack up for grabs.

To take part, people can take an individual or group picture or a snap of a plant or animal on one of the trails mapped out on the CNN Wild Walks page at corknaturenetwork.ie.  

They can then submit the picture to CNN via email at [email protected] with details of name and location. Entries will close at 12pm sharp on January 21. 

A maximum of two photos can be entered per person and the photo with the most Facebook likes will win.

Source: https://www.echolive.ie/corknews/arid-40786374.html

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