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La La Anthony arrives at the Pretty Little Thing launch party held at Beauty and Essex at Dream Hollywood Hotel in Hollywood on November 1, 2021.
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LaLa Anthony is entering the beauty business! The 39-year-old actress has officially launched her first product: Inala Power Potion, a scalp serum formulated to help strengthen hair and promote growth. 

While the $55 product is now perfected and available for purchase in a super-sleek bottle, the concoction was first whipped up in Anthony’s kitchen as a DIY experiment. 

“Prior to the pandemic, I was just ripping and running. Blow drying my hair, ponytails, extensions, clip-ins, tape-ins, weaves, braids — anything you can think of when it comes to hair: that was me,” she exclusively told Us Weekly. “But I realized that I was never paying attention or taking care of my real hair or my natural hair.”

La La Anthony for Inala Beauty.
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On a mission to grow back her hair and stop breakage, she found herself going down YouTube and TikTok rabbit holes in search of a solution. She discovered rice water, an ingredient great for giving hair an extra boost of strength and shine. 

“I was making rice water on my own. I found all the YouTube tutorials. I was like, ‘This is a magic formula and it really works.’ The problem is, when you ferment the rice yourself at home it’s all great until 24 hours go by and you start smelling the craziest smell in your kitchen that you’ve ever smelled,” she told Stylish. “You look at that fermented rice water and you’re like, ‘Am I really about to put that in my hair?’”

But with results that were hard to ignore, Anthony was determined to bottle the “amazing” benefits while ditching the labor — and the nasty smell. After finding the right manufacturer, creating a scentless formula and ensuring that her formula was 100 percent rice water, Inala was born. And as Anthony says: “The proof is in the pudding.” 

With a formula that doesn’t leave hair greasy and visible results after just one bottle, incorporating the product into your routine is pretty much a no-brainer. “People are really going crazy with the results,” the entrepreneur told Stylish. (PSA: The product is Kardashian approved!) 

For best results, Anthony insists that consistency is key. But other than regular usage, you really can’t go wrong. “If you wash your hair, you can use the formula. If you blow dry your hair, you can use a formula. If you just got your hair done and you don’t want to mess up a hairstyle, you can use the formula,” she joked, noting that you just need a few drops along the scalp. “It’s literally like water.” 

Inala Beauty
Courtesy Inala Beauty

Want to try out the “Power Potion” for yourself? Scoop it up at 

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