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Hair loss and thinning strands are never welcomed, but unfortunately, so common. Don’t get discouraged if you notice that you’re losing more hair than usual or experiencing lower density overall. There are efficient options when it comes to the best hair growth serums on the market. And, thanks to Amazon, you don’t have to look far. For hair that grows back fuller and healthier, shoppers turn to this powerful hair growth serum with biotin and collagen.

Luseta’s Biotin Hair Growth Serum (Buy It, $19, is a treatment that you can use daily to help restore strands’ health and length. The serum contains biotin and collagen, which are vital ingredients that help stimulate the scalp and assist with growth. The ingredients in the serum work to thicken existing hair, and the formula adds a protective layer that helps reduce breakage and damage to your strands caused by UV and chemical factors. The best part? It leaves your hair fully moisturized without weighing it down, and it calms frizz. (Related: The Best Collagen Powders for Women, According to Nutritionists)

To understand hair loss and thinning hair, you should know that that hair changes can’t be narrowed down to just one factor. “There are many different causes of hair thinning, including thyroid abnormality, vitamin deficiency, anemia, iron deficiency, stress, hormonal changes, medications, genetic and autoimmune causes — and these are just a few!” says board-certified dermatologist Mona Gohara, M.D.. 

It’s also important to note that hair loss and hair thinning are not the same. In fact, hair thinning is generally a precursor to hair loss, explains Dr. Gohara. “This is different from having thin hair, meaning the circumference of the hair,” she says. “Hair thinning denotes a change in hair density.”

Even if your hair loss or thinning is minimal, anyone can benefit from using a hair growth serum. The biotin serum penetrates deep into the scalp, which awakens the hair follicles and helps to stimulate growth. According to the brand’s product description, biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that assists in rebuilding hair follicles. “This vitamin can help stimulate hair growth, and it can even thicken thinning hair. Biotin will help moisturize your hair and keep it from becoming brittle, which prevents a lot of breakages,” the brand adds.  (Related: People Swear This Hair Growth Shampoo Is the Answer for Anyone with Thinning Hair)

The serum also contains collagen, which helps encourage cell turnover. As we age, collagen production slows, and increased cell turnover helps support healthy and thick strands. The brand’s description on Amazon notes that “collagen also helps protect your hair follicles, and it can also be used to prevent graying. It can also help protect your hair from free radicals.”

“[It’s] hair happiness in a bottle,” said another shopper. “I thought I had lost all hope in healing my hair after a traumatic experience with losing my hair; and all the hair breakage I was experiencing after having my third child and dealing with the stress of the pandemic. This stuff has amazed me, I’ve only been using it for two months maybe… but in that time I’ve noticed a dramatic decrease in hair breakage. As you can see in my last photo I had layers and layers of breakage all over and it’s finally healed all because of this gold in a bottle.”


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