Luuna smart sleep mask offers Bluetooth connectivity, brainwave sensing, EEG & AI tech – Gadget Flow

Ensure you get great sleep each night with the Luuna smart sleep mask. This wearable gadget tracks and monitors your brainwaves in real-time, and you can review the results. You can even turn the bio-data into soothing music so you can fall asleep faster. The real-time EEG feedback feature automatically controls the volume, lowering it when you are drowsy. Plus, with this gadget, you can wake up at the best time for you—so you feel well-rested every morning. Use the Bluetooth-connected app to review monthly, weekly, and daily reports of your sleep cycles and other data. Designed for use at home or on the go, this gadget uses AI and machine learning tech whether you’re taking a power nap or sleeping all night.


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