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Sustainability has never been more top of mind for personal care brands. Customers are eager to find eco-friendly solutions, spawning a new age of earth-conscious beauty shoppers that strive to create less waste and consume more thoughtfully. In response, many companies set lofty goals, but few are promising what the new gender-neutral skin care brand Uni is — to leave no environmental impact whatsoever. The collection, which officially launches on Feb. 16, is anchored around a proprietary closed-loop system that creates a cycle of use and re-use through zero-waste refillable products.

The body care line includes five products: Skin Shield Body Wash, Hydrating Shampoo, Hydrating Conditioner, 24 Hour Body Serum, Exfoliating Hand Wash, and the Starter Kit, which features all four products. Each one comes in a 100% recycled aluminum bottle that is meant to be inserted into a reusable aluminum dispenser. When ordering more refills, the brand instructs customers to place their empty bottles in the box to return them for reuse — a process that eliminates single-use plastic.

According to Uni founder & CEO Alexandra Keating, the goal of this system is to offer a more holistic — and transparent — approach to sustainability. “I believe too many companies are offsetting the last mile and calling themselves sustainable,” Keating tells TZR. “I would buy these brands and want to support their growth only to realize that there was no merit to the claims. I couldn’t just build a closed-loop packaging system without taking responsibility for where our ingredients were sourced and the lasting effect they have on our ecosystem.”


In an effort to provide 24-hour hydration, all Uni products contain Uni MarineComplex, a proprietary blend of ocean hydrators, antioxidants, and minerals in a seawater broth. “I wanted to create a set of ingredients where the combined effect gave me 24-hour hydration but I wanted to achieve that using sustainably sourced and reef-safe ingredients,” Keating says. “If I can have the performance of other products without harming our ecosystem that was my goal.”

Uni also dubs its products “face-grade body care”, meaning they’re meant to perform the same, if not better, than skin care products formulated for the face. “I actually used to end up using most of my skin care products on my body,” Keating says. “You can now give the other 95% of your skin the same care as your face.”

While sustainability is clearly at the forefront of Uni’s mission, the brand doesn’t let aesthetics fall by the wayside — in fact, quite the opposite. Marc Atlan, Uni’s creative director and the designer behind iconic packaging for luxury brands like Dior and Maison Margiela, developed Uni’s sleek bottle design over the course of two-and-a-half years. “Uni’s design is sustainable but doesn’t compromise on elegance,” Atlan said in a press release. “It is unique, minimal, and timeless.”

Below, take a closer look at Uni’s eco-friendly lineup, available as of today at

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