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Just like skincare, nail care is an equally important part of a beauty regimen. And with no salons to head to during the lockdown, it’s time we put our basic skills to use and revise our nail care routine. Nails are sensitive and it is necessary to give the right attention and care for them at all times. Utilise your spare time and give a pampering session to your nails at home. It might seem difficult to maintain nails at home but trust us, these tips will make it super easy. Still not sure how to go about it? Worry not, we have got you covered with these nail care hacks that are a saviour during lockdown.

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Wear Clear Nail Colour

Not in the mood to wear a peppy colour? Well, go for a clear nail colour as it will give a natural look and also protect the nails from dirt. Plus, when wearing a clear nail colour, you will be able to see the dirt as it tends to hide when you apply colourful nail paints.

Avoid Long Nails

Long nails might not be a great choice when it comes to maintaining nails, especially when at home. Household chores and other tasks might damage long growth. So it’s better to be safe and instead opt for medium or short nails as they are easy to maintain at home during lockdown.

Scrub Your Nails

Make it a habit to scrub your nails with brush daily as it will save you the extra effort later. If you scrub your nails daily, then you don’t have to put much effort all at once. Scrubbing will exfoliate the dead skin around the nail area and remove the dirt as well.

Scrubbing your nails is important

Apply A Hand Or Nail Cream

Just like the skin and body needs a moisturising agent, similarly our hands and nails also need a moisturising element to promote natural growth. Nail creams are a great way to give some natural moisturising and hydrating agent to the hands and nails. Do not go overboard with applications.


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