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Owing to the rise in technological advancements and growing digital dependency, consumer preferences have undergone a massive transformation. Gone are the days when people used to travel from one corner to another to visit a particular shop or market to purchase things. The latest fad entails researching things online, comparing them on several websites, looking for applicable discounts and coupons, and then making a purchase—all while relaxing at home with a nice cup of coffee. Well, that is the core of digital marketing.

Given how quickly people are becoming more digitalized, it is now essential for brands to have an online presence. This would in turn allow them to connect with a large group of audience scattered worldwide. Aside from that, it is the effective marketing techniques that greatly contribute to the establishment of the company’s future growth. These tactics give the business owner the ability to hit their target market and accomplish their desired goals. Amidst such strategies, performance marketing has come out to be the king of all as it enables you to keep track of your brand’s reach and coordinate all of your marketing plans and resources, which is essential for maintaining campaigns that are scaled, continuous, and optimized for businesses.

Especially the festive season calls for the brands to pull the game up their sleeves because it is the time consumers shop maximum. In fact, according to a TOI report, 94% more people were eager to spend over the festive period in 2021 than they were in 2020. This means that in order to build a solid brand reputation and generate the most significant amount of long-term revenue, firms must develop unique festive-centric strategies.

Key performance marketing trends to follow this festive season

Special advertising campaigns: Advertisement campaigns play a crucial part in attracting the target audience and obtaining the intended results. Creating festival-specific digital ad campaign and ad creatives, can be a game changer for brands. putting primary texts and headlines that are specific to festive seasons will allow us to attract more seasonal shoppers who tend to purchase more during this time. Given that these festive ad campaigns have a short lifespan, the budgets can be increased for a short period of time for performance marketing campaigns. It allows you to track their success and failure rates and modify them accordingly.

Online activities: Since the pandemic broke out, virtual engagements have become commonplace. Hosting a virtual event centered on the festivities might therefore prove to be extremely advantageous for the companies. You may organize a competition or content around the festive theme accompanied by reasonable awards to encourage people to engage more. The next step would be to assess its performance in the market and then plan future events based on what has been gathered. Again, because these events will be brief and geared around the festive season, coming up with the best plan and monitoring its effectiveness to make appropriate modifications is crucial. Targeting seasonal shoppers in specific campaigns can increase the chance of purchases. During this time brands can also try and run retargeting campaigns with extra discounts or offers to attract the middle of the funnel customers, who have engaged with their brands but not previously purchased their items.

Time-centric schemes: Time-centric schemes act as a driving factor that persuades consumers to make a purchase instantly. Coming up with such special schemes, offers and discounts, especially for the festive season, can do wonders for the brands. Also, as these deals are centered around a specific festival, keeping a tap on their performance is imperative because it creates space for improvements and lasting changes.

Concluding thoughts

For brands, the festival time is paramount as it allows them to create a lasting impression in the minds of consumers. Considering how digitalized people are becoming these days, it is vital for brands to make the best use of these online platforms. In fact, over time, festive marketing strategies have also evolved and consumers are considered at the center of these strategies. Due to the short-term nature of these schemes, which are designed to coincide with the festival season, it is urgent for the brands to measure, track performance, and make any necessary adjustments right away with the goal of improving reach.


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