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Toronto-based Laneway Distillers embrace the premium gin liqueur category with a unique addition called ‘Ever Gin.’ Expertly crafted from juniper, wild-foraged Canadian botanicals, and dark maple syrup, this spirit will surely heighten the senses both neat and in cocktail format. The “seductive aromas of toffee, woodsy forest, and fragrant evergreen” beckon the drinker and transport them to Canada’s boreal forest without compromising on a cozy feel. Notes of earthy spice are mixed with vanilla caramel and fresh pine.

Laneway Distillers’ Ever Gin has received multiple awards for its superb quality and unique approach. The distillery gives some guidance as to how to best serve its premium gin liqueur—from garnishing with a flamed citrus peel to bring out the gin’s smokey flavor to presenting it in a whiskey-tasting glass. The premium gin liqueur makes for an excellent gift for a loved one.

Image Credit: Laneway Distillers

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