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Six thousand, two hundred, and sixty nine ratings: That’s how many people love Pureauty Naturals’ Biotin Hair Growth Serum (and if you read that to the tune of Rent’s “Seasons of Love,” yes, good). There’s many a hair growth product on the Internet dot com, but few can equal Pureauty’s for shopper satisfaction. And to give it an unnecessary boost, the bottle of thickener is on sale post-Amazon Prime Day. 

The serum’s price has dropped from $28 to $20 in the aftermath of the shopping event, and when you read the reviews from people suffering through massive shedding, brittle hair, and bad haircuts, it’s clear that this is an opportunity worth seizing. What’s more, the supportive formula doesn’t make you wait months to see a difference.  

“I had to stop the shedding because I was losing hair at a rapid speed,” writes a shopper. “It would come out if I combed my fingers through my hair. I started using this biotin serum on my scalp twice a day. After a week, the shedding stopped.” 

Optimist though I try to be, those kinds of results breed skepticism — yet according to dermatologist and hair restoration expert Michele Green, the formula is worth trusting. Per Green, the serum combines a generous number of growth-inspiring ingredients, like biotin, glycerin, lactic acid, vitamin E, squalane, and ubiquinone. Biotin often shows up in hair growth products because it improves existing hair’s durability, strength, and elasticity, while invigorating new growth and minimizing shedding. 

Vitamin E, meanwhile, is “chock full” of antioxidants that protect against hair loss, stimulates capillary growth in your scalp, and reduces damage done by environmental free radicals. It’s paired with ubiquinone — alias coenzyme Q10 — which helps combat the aging process for individual hair follicles, promoting the genetic expression of hair keratins that start to deplete as we age and fostering healthier, shinier, younger-looking hair. 

“Wow, the difference it has made in my hair,” writes a shopper whose hairline was thinning from age and medical issues. “My hairline is showing peach fuzz but, best of all, the rest of my hair is shining brightly, stronger, and losing much less in the shower. I get comments and comments about my beautiful locks — little does everyone know that it was fine, brittle and falling out terribly.” 

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