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During her Vogue Beauty Secrets confessional, the singer also admitted that she has to wash her face before applying makeup. 

“It just… it bothers me, I guess. I just need to have a clean canvas to start,” she said. 

We’ve never felt so seen in all of our lives.

Her eye product game is impressive

After she’s sufficiently cleansed her skin, Gomez likes to whip out her favourite eye masks. “I like to start with a nice eye patch to get rid of any inflammation,” she explained in her Vogue Beauty Secrets tutorial.

Her go to? The SEPHORA COLLECTION Cucumber Eye Masks ($6 at Sephora), which just so happen to be a recommendation from her little sister.

“My sister has like 18 of these,” Gomez went on to say. “She’s probably more of the beauty guru now and she’s eight-years-old… she’s kinda cooler than me.”

Gomez doesn’t stop there when it comes to keeping her under eyes looking camera-ready. 

As the beauty mogul told Into The Gloss, she’s a fan of caffeine-infused formulas such as the (now, unfortunately discontinued) First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy: “If you get dark circles, it’s the sh*t.” 

“I’ll put it on, it feels all good and cold, go have a coffee, and that’s the bomb.”

While we can understand if you’re disappointed that you can’t get your hands on a Gomez-approved formula, we’d recommend sampling the Revolution Skincare Revitalising Caffeine Eye Cream ($16 at Revolution Beauty) instead.


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