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SHOPPERS are obsessed with Home Bargains stocking Real Techniques makeup brushes – and everyone’s running to their nearest store to get their hands on the 99p bargains.

TikTok user Megan shared a video advising all her followers to get to Home Bargains as soon as possible for the brushes. 


Megan encouraged her followers to head to Home Bargains for the makeup accessoriesCredit: @meganshilvock/Tiktok


Commenters couldn’t wait to get their hands on the bargainsCredit: @meganshilvock/Tiktok

In the video, she said: “Girls, don’t walk, run to Home Bargains.”

She then showed her local Home Bargains’ selection of Real Techniques makeup accessories, which included an array of brushes for £2.99 each and makeup sponges for £1.99 each.

From most retailers, a Real Techniques beauty blender would cost £5, meaning that Home Bargains is selling the item for less than half of its standard price.

And the bargains just get better, as you can grab a pack of four smaller sponges for just 99p.

The clip racked up 214,000 views and commenters couldn’t wait to rush to Home Bargains.

“I GOT THEM YESTERDAY”, said one enthusiastic viewer, while another wrote: “No way!!”

“I got a set of four beauty blender type sponges and a holder for £2.50, I love home bargains”, wrote another.

Another shopper wrote: “Literally bought all of them.”

One makeup fan pointed out: “They also do cheap Eyelure lashes sometimes!”

Another viewer said they’d been convinced to make a purchase based on Megan’s video alone: “I actually looked at them and thought they looked cheap, like bad quality, I think I’m going to try them looking at the comments!”

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