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In the final season of Netflix’s On My Block, we saw Sierra Capri’s character, Monse, return to Freeridge High School after stressing out about her school’s tuition. That problem might have been fictional — Sierra herself left school to film the show — but she understands that, in real life, college is a lot of young people’s biggest stressor. That’s why she has teamed up with St. Ives to give one lucky college student the opportunity to win free tuition and books.

Sierra and St. Ives are giving up to $50,000 to one student (to be applied to one school year) as well as a year’s worth of St. Ives Solutions for healthy, glowing skin. With this partnership, Sierra hopes to alleviate the financial burden that college oftentimes poses for students. Before landing her starring role on the hit Netflix series, college was where Sierra really had a first taste of being on her own. “I’m going to miss the life lessons and how college really forces you to be an adult,” she tells Teen Vogue. “There’s no one there to make sure you do your homework, no one making sure you’re not hanging out with your friends too much, it’s really all on you.”

Another aspect of being a fully grown adult: building a real skin care routine. Sierra says she’s created a solid base over the years, but the 23-year-old wasn’t always fond of skin care. “Growing up I never really used a lot of products, thank God,” she tells Teen Vogue. “As I got older I was more stressed out and started breaking out, so then over time I started developing my own routine.” Now, she appreciates a great moisturizer in her routine and products that don’t feel too heavy on the skin.

Another part of adulthood, at least for Sierra, is saying goodbye to the character she’s been with for the past four years. The fourth and final season of On My Block premiered on Netflix in October and though Sierra admits that there are definite differences between her character and herself, Monse will be greatly missed. “I think Monse has so many other important things going on and she’s not really focused on a lot of beauty things,” Sierra says of her character’s potential routine. “She’s always focused on making sure her friends are good and everyone else around her is good, but self-care is very important and you can’t take care of others before yourself, so I think that I definitely make sure to take care of my physical as well as mental health.”

On My Block might have come to a close — though there is a spinoff on the horizon — but Sierra is still relishing in some of her favorite moments from the show: the prom scene to be exact. “That was such a fun episode to film because we all got to be in dresses and it was as if we were literally going to the prom together,” she recalls. “We really grew up on this show, so it almost felt like we were going to an actual prom together, having fun and soaking in the last few moments we had together as a cast.”

Looking forward, Sierra has a few projects set to come out soon that she’s excited to announce — when the time is right. As far as her career goes, college is off the table but she would like to venture into directing and producing. The actor is currently writing a short film that she’s hoping to eventually turn into a series.

The St. Ives contest closes at 11:59 PM EST on 11/5/21 — all eligible students should share their video, tagging @stivesskin and using #StIvesScholarship and #Contest before then!

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