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We all know that sleep masks look pretty but they also offer some amazing health and cosmetic benefits. By blocking out the light, sleep masks can help regulate your body’s circadian rhythm and for any insomniacs, that can make the difference between a good or bad night’s sleep. Not to mention, eye masks can help with migraines, dry eyes and can even put the meaning of beauty into beauty rest. By protecting the skin around the eyes, sleep masks help reduce puffiness and keep your skin looking fresh in the morning. And with plane trips on the cards again, you’re going probably going to be reaching for that eye mask a little more than usual, so let’s make sure that you choose a good one.

Desmond and Dempsey Cotton Eye Mask

This British luxury pyjama brand makes some of the cutest sleep masks around. With 14 different styles available, each of the sleep masks match the brand’s pyjama designs, creating an effortlessly stylish bedtime look. Desmond and Dempsey eye masks are made in a cosy cotton fabric that some people prefer over the more often used silk masks. We particularly love this soft floral design in white and pink for a super sweet look.

Desmond and Dempsey Cotton Luxe Deia Print White/Pink A$43.00

Slip Contour Sleep Mask

When it comes to silk, Slip is the brand that we always turn to. Using the highest grade long fibre mulberry silk that features in all of their products and comes in a glamorous midnight blue shade, this silk sleeping mask is made specifically for anyone with eyelash extensions. Shaped in a way that protects the eyelids and delicate eyelash extensions, this shape may also appear to anyone who doesn’t like any pressure on their eye when they sleep.

Slip Contour Sleep Mask A$60.00

Johnstons of Elgin Cashmere Eye Mask with Silk Lining

This luxe sleep mask is one for those chilly winter nights. Woven in Scotland by Johnstons of Elgin, the sleep mask is made of 100% cashmere and lined with sultry silk. Harnessing the natural, hypoallergenic elements of Cashmere fibres, your skin will appreciate these luxury materials. Available in a soft camel shade, this eye mask is guaranteed to make a cosy and gentle addition to any winter night’s sleep.

Johnstons of Elgin Cashmere Eye Mask with Silk Lining A$245.00

Silk Maison Petite Elastic Eye Mask

Silk Maison’s sleep masks are some of the prettiest you can buy. Available in six soft colours, including white, blush, champagne and silver, these eye masks aren’t just nice to look at but great for your skin too. Made with premium-grade mulberry silk, the mask’s soft fabric reduces the stretch of your skin and protects your delicate eye area. Accompanied by a drawstring pouch, this mask is perfect for your travels.

Silk Maison Petite Elastic Silk Eye Mask in Pale lilac A$29.00

REMedy Lite Pink Sleep Mask

This clever mask from REMedy achieves the perfect balance of maximum light blockage and minimum eye pressure. To do so, the mask employs internal memory foam padding to ensure a comfortable fit and contoured design. Made with organic cotton, the REMedy mask is breathable and lightweight while still blocking light and promoting improved REM sleep. With an adjustable strap, the mask will comfortably fit all head shapes.

REMedy Lite Pink Sleep Mask A$69.95

Therapy Weighted Sleep Mask

For fans of the Therapy weighted blanket, this therapy weighted sleep mask applies a similar deep touch pressure of its 400g weight to induce a calming and deep sleep. With ultra-soft micro plush fabric on one side and a cooling satin liner on the other, the mask effectively blocks out any light and promotes uninterrupted sleep. Available in soft sea green, this eye mask is guaranteed to help anyone who struggles with a little anxiety as they fall asleep.

Therapy Weighted Eye Mask A$70.00

Fendi Reversible Silk-Satin Eye Mask and Pouch

if you’re looking for a designer sleep mask then look no further than this Silk-Satin blend eye mask from Fendi. Designed with gorgeous black and blush tones, the mask features a rushed, elastic strap for optimum comfort. Accompanied by a soft silk-satin drawstring pouch, your mask will be kept clean and safe between wears. While the mask is a little more expensive than others on the list, we think it might just be worth it.

Fendi Reversible Silk-satin Eye Mask and Pouch A$499.13

TEMPUR Sleep Mask

The Tempur mask uses an innovative design that allows the mask to gently form to the natural shape of your face. This enables the mask to effectively block out any light and softly cushion the eye area for a night of deep sleep. Made in Denmark, the Scandinavian design is ideal for travelling and for anyone seeking complete darkness for their sleep, the mask will ensure that no light interrupts your valuable rest.

TEMPUR Sleep Mask A$99.00

Make sure you pair your new sleep mask with a set of silk pyjamas and some luxurious bed sheets to set yourself up for an optimal night’s rest.


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