The 10 Best Drugstore Skin Care Products That Beauty Editors Swear By – The Zoe Report

“Juicy, glowy skin isn’t a lofty goal, but it does require persistence. I have a rotation of serums and potions that I apply every night and it’s capped with this creamy moisturizer. The thick formula soothes dry skin and works to up radiance over time; and after the first two weeks of consistent use, my skin was noticeably healthier-looking. Cosmetic chemist Ginger King attributes the radiance-boosting action to the cocktail of niacinamide, ginger extract, beetroot, and ascorbic acid, and explains that you should expect to see your skin glowing after 10 to 28 days of regular use. It contains a great host of superfood ingredients for additional moisturizing, protecting, clarifying and energizing properties.” — Jesa Calaor, Byrdie editor


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