The 10 Best Sleep Masks in 2021, According to Customers –

This innovative new sleep mask from NodPod offers gentle pressure over the eyes, so it’s a great option for anyone in search of a more subtle weighted mask. It’s filled with 9 ounces of BPA-free plastic microbeads, which are evenly distributed into four sections (or “pods”) across the mask. The design differs from other typical sleep masks in that it doesn’t have a strap or hook-and-loop closure. Instead, it’s meant to be rested across the eyes, and its long (29-inch) length means it still offers full coverage, so you can comfortably switch sleeping positions without it shifting.

Each NodPod is made with breathable cotton on one side and plush microfiber fleece on the other, so you’ll have two fabric options to choose from (both equally as comfortable). Plus, it’s machine-washable and comes in a slew of bold colors. One Nordstrom reviewer said the weight is “perfect” because it’s “enough to be relaxing, but not so much that it’s annoying.” Another person wrote, “I love the NodPod. I used it when I was pregnant for daytime naps. It was amazingly relaxing to have the pressure over your eyes, and it blocked out any light. I’ve never been able to fall asleep as quickly during the day with anything else.”


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