The Right Way To Clean Your Strip Lashes – The List

Before we look at how to clean your false lashes, let’s look at why it’s important to keep your eyelash extensions clean.

Per Cosmopolitan, Ophthalmologist Ilyse Haberman, MD, from NYU Langone Health, says that when false eyelashes aren’t cleaned properly, bacteria can grow on them and result in a rather nasty eye infection. (After all, No one wants an eye infection, do they?)

In addition, leftover glue and makeup residue can collect on the lashes and cause irritation and soreness to skin. So cleaning your falsies is oh so important.

According to Greatist, it’s common to apply a couple of coats of mascara over fake lashes, which also needs to be removed from the lashes, in addition to the glue. Product buildup can cause the lashes to not only look gunky, but it can also cause the lashes themselves to crease or break.


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