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FLAWLESS makeup application all starts with having the right tools – so we’ve selected some of the best makeup brushes out there to take your beauty game to the next level.

From foundation to blusher, eyeshadow to contouring, these days there’s a plethora of brushes to choose from. But let’s be honest: it can get a little overwhelming sifting through all the choices, can’t it?

Upgrade your beauty tools with our pick of the best makeup brushesCredit: Getty

In terms of what to avoid, scratchy bristles are of course a no-no, as are loose bristles that fall and drop out easily. While it might not always be possible to test the softness and stability of the brush you’re buying, be sure to read the reviews as these are the two most obvious problems that other shoppers will notice and comment on.

If you’re not sure where to start, then the density of the bristles themselves is the main indicator for the kind of coverage you’ll get. Think thick and dense brushes for ‘heavier’ application like foundation, and sparser bristles where you want a softer and more blended finish – such as with blusher, eyeshadow and concealer.

Price-wise: expensive brushes may be coveted by beauty fans, but we think there are just as many affordable options that will do the job perfectly. You may also want to try a brush set, which can often be a cheaper way to get your hands on the basics – without having to shop brushes individually.

To get you started, we’ve picked out some of the best makeup brushes that are loved by both beauty fans and professional makeup artists. Check them out below:

1. Best foundation brush: Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki

Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki

  • Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki, £30.58 from Feel Unique – buy here

With its dense and flat head, Sigma Beauty’s F80 kabuki brush is a firm favourite with beauty bloggers and fans alike.

If you’re looking for a brush for applying foundation and other liquid or cream products, this is definitely the one for you.

Made with synthetic Sigmax bristles, it’s perfect for creating a smooth and seamless finish and is highly rated by shoppers, with one writing: ‘Have been using a sponge to apply my foundation for ages but this has changed the game. Gives full coverage with minimal product.’

2. Best concealer brush: Morphe Pro Mini Concealer Brush


Morphe Pro Mini Concealer BrushCredit: Cult Beauty

  • Morphe Pro Mini Concealer Brush, £5 from Cult Beauty – buy here

A cult concealer brush for just £5? Yes please.

LA founded cruelty-free makeup brand, Morphe, is prized for its eyeshadow palettes and brush sets, so we just had to include this concealer brush.

Made with synthetic bristles, the small rounded brush is ideal for blending and contouring concealer in the eye area or to small blemishes, with beauty fans also raving about its suitability for lipstick.

An essential in every makeup bag.

3. Best makeup brush set: ZOEVA Rose Golden Brush Set


ZOEVA Rose Golden Brush SetCredit: Beauty Bay

  • ZOEVA Rose Golden Brush Set, £70 from Beauty Bay – buy here

A set of beautifully matched brushes always looks good on any dressing table, and we’re loving the luxe rose gold detailing on Zoeva’s set.

It’s not just about appearances though: these luxury brushes are as good as they look, with shoppers commenting on their softness, how well they blend and the fact there’s no shedding.

Along with a stylish black leather-look clutch bag, the set includes eight brushes in total. For the face, there’s a Powder Brush, Silk Finish Brush, Face Shape Brush (for contouring), Cheek Brush, Concealer and Buffer Brush. Meanwhile, for eyes, you’ll get a Soft Definer Brush, Petit Crease Brush and Wing Liner Brush.

A worthwhile investment!

4. Best bronzer brush: Real Techniques 201 Powder Brush


Real Techniques Powder BrushCredit: Look Fantastic

  • Real Techniques Powder Brush, £9.34 from Look Fantastic – buy here

Real Techniques is a go-to for pro-style makeup tools from sponges to brushes – plus its products are 100% cruelty-free, so it’s suitable for vegans.

We love that this powder brush is self-standing, so you can place it on your dressing table or shelf easily. With a large plush head, it’s perfect for sheer application and a mattified finish, whether you’re applying powder foundation, powder bronzer or a setting powder.

There are tons of five-star reviews for it too, over on Look Fantastic, with one shopper raving: ‘I’ve got a couple of Real Techniques brushes now and they’re all fab. This one, in particular, is so soft (which is great as my cheeks get easily irritated) and picks up blush and bronzer with a light touch. I’ve had more expensive makeup brand brushes and they’ve never been as good, 5 stars from me!’

5. Best for highlighting: Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish Buffer 003 Brush


Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish Buffer 003 brushCredit: Selfridges

  • Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish Buffer 003 brush, £23 from Selfridges – buy here

Legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath needs no introductions but we’ll remind you of her iconic status anyway: she was the first make-up artist to be made a British dame, while Anna Wintour has called her ‘the most influential makeup artist in the world.’

No biggie.

Naturally, her Skin Fetish Buffer 003 brush is a real hit at Selfridges, where it’s sold exclusively. Use it for highlighting your eyelids, brow bones, the corners of the eyes and basically anywhere on your face and shoulders which could do with a glow – this brush is the one for illumination.

6. Best for eyes: MAC 219S Pencil


MAC 219S PencilCredit: MAC

  • 219S Pencil, now £14.70 from MAC – buy here

Looking for the perfect brush for eye makeup? MAC’s 219S brush features super-soft fibres gathered into a pencil-shaped tip for the ultimate in precision shading and blending.

Just like all of the brand’s brushes, it’s hand-sculpted and made from 100% synthetic fibres that are designed ‘for superior performance and improved longevity.’

Fans are just as impressed with its endurance, with one enthusing: ‘I’ve been using it for three years now. It works just as new. If never had hair falling nor any damage. It applies and blends the pigments so well on the eyes.

7. Best for travelling: Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Mini Brush Set


Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Mini Brush SetCredit: Charlotte Tilbury

  • Charlotte’s Hollywood Mini Brush Set, £45 from Charlotte Tilbury – buy here

Got somewhere to go? Charlotte Tilbury’s mini brush set looks perfect for travelling or popping into your handbag for nights out.

Featuring mini versions of the brand’s powder brush, eye blender brush, eye smudger brush and eye/lip precision brush, this four-piece set has everything you need for makeup application and touch-ups on the go.

It comes presented in a compact emerald-green velvet clutch bag, too, which is a seriously stylish bit of eye candy.

8. Best 2-in-1 brush: Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Complexion Brush


Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Complexion BrushCredit: Charlotte Tilbury

  • Hollywood Complexion Brush, £30 from Charlotte Tilbury – buy here

A genius solution to getting more from your makeup brush, Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Complexion Brush features a clever 2-in-1 design for multi-purpose application.

Made from 100% animal cruelty-free synthetic fibres, there’s a large flat-top head on one end that’s perfect for foundation blending and contouring, while the other end features a small angled head for precise contouring, highlighting and concealing.

Shoppers are impressed too, with one pro makeup artist commenting: ‘It’s one of those rare exceptionally good foundation brushes. It does not shed and picks up the product perfectly – you only need a small drop of foundation to cover a very large area with a thin and perfectly even layer.’

9. Bobbi Brown Retractable Lip Brush


Bobbi Brown Retractable Lip BrushCredit: John Lewis

  • Bobbi Brown Retractable Lip Brush, £24.50 from John Lewis – buy here

Bobbi Brown is always a hit for quality cosmetics – and the brushes are just as impressive!

Featuring a deluxe brush head with short, tapered hairs, this brush is ideal for precise lip application. We also love that the lid can be attached to the back of the brush when in use, to create a strong handle for application. Clever!

Beauty fans recommend it too, with one reviewer writing: ‘I love this lip brush – the shape and weight make it super easy to accurately apply bb lip colours. The brush head is also a good shape and ensures you don’t go over your lip line.’

What are the best makeup brushes?

The best brushes come down to your application needs, but generally speaking: you’ll definitely want separate brushes for foundation, concealer and any powders including blusher, bronzer and highlighter.

That way, you’ll be armed with different brush densities and blending capabilities – whether you want full coverage foundation, precise concealing or softly blended contouring.

You can’t go wrong with MAC for makeup brushes, while we also love Charlotte Tilbury, Morphe and Bobbi Brown.

What is the best way to clean makeup brushes?

It may be the beauty job most of us put off doing, but cleaning your makeup brushes regularly is an absolute must. Brushes can get caked in grime, bacteria and, of course, makeup – so we recommend cleaning them at least once a week to stay hygienic.

Many people use an anti-bacterial soap or silicone-free baby shampoo in lukewarm water, but you can also invest in a specific makeup brush cleanser.

Lather up and gently rub the brush with your fingers to loosen up any stubborn product and rinse until the water runs clear. You can repeat this process if your brushes need a deeper clean, and of course, make sure you put them in a spot where they’ll easily dry – whether that’s by a radiator or window.

What are the best makeup brushes made of?

Higher-end brushes can often be made using natural fibres like boar, goat and pony hair. They’re sometimes preferred for applying powder due to their softness and natural finish – but of course, not everyone is comfortable using animal hair.

The good news is that there are great quality synthetic brushes out there, made using materials like nylon and polyester.

Synthetic hair clings together rather than spreading out like natural hair so, when you apply pressure to the bristles, they’re not as suited to blending – but are perfect for precision application and cream and liquid makeup.

What are the best makeup brushes for beginners?

If you’re new to using makeup brushes, why not invest in a good set that will equip you with the basics? We’ve linked above to the ZOEVA Rose Golden Brush Set, it has some great reviews.

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