These are the only 10 makeup brushes you actually need in your beauty kit – VOGUE India

How to use:Dab the brush into the contour powder and tap off any excess before letting it touch your skin. Sweep below your cheekbones to chisel your natural contours in a linear motion, and reload as required to draw over the jawline and temples.

6) Highlighter brush

A glowing highlight serves as the perfect foil for any OOTD, but getting the right amount of shine-enhancing pigments in the right areas is purely a matter of strategy. If you’re looking to play up your skin’s natural luminance, the product matters as much as the tools used to apply it. Opt for a fan-shaped brush to pack in a pigmented punch at the areas of your face that catch the light. The fanned-out bristles help deliver a precise stroke along the nose, forehead and brows, while its linear density helps seamlessly buff in powder illuminators and creamy sticks. You can also pick up this slender wand to spot-correct any fall-out from your eye makeup.

How to use:Sweep the brush over the highlighter palette and glide it along the skin in a guided trajectory across the cheekbones, nose and forehead, as required. If you’re using a highlighter stick, paint the creamy formula on the desired areas and then blend directionally for an airbrushed finish.

7) Eyeshadow brush

Whether you’re a makeup maven or a beginner, an eyeshadow brush is a universal must-have. Densely packed with short, stubby bristles, it helps pick up maximum pigment from the palette to create high-impact eye makeup looks. Look to dome-shaped brushes for higher pigment pay-off and greater control over the placement of the colour, including those hard-to-reach creases.

How to use:After applying eye primer on the lids as a base for the pigments to latch on to, immerse the flat side of the brush thoroughly in the eyeshadow. Holding the centre of the brush, use light sweeping motions to work your way from the inner corner of the eyes towards the greater expanse of the lid.

8) Blending brush

For a va-va-voom smoky eye that makes heads turn, a blending brush is your ride-or-die ally. Ideal for smoking out the eyeshadow, the compact bristles provide superior control and precision placement of colour. Once you’ve painted a sufficient base on your lids, reach for a blending brush to tidy the edges by diffusing any harsh lines and contouring the creases.


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