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23 Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors That Are Worth the Money

It’s also an influencer’s dream—in addition to five stages of LED light dimming, it comes with customized HD daylight lighting, a magnetic magnifying mirror, and a magnetic phone clip for—wait for it—the custom Bluetooth selfie function. In all honesty, I haven’t snapped any pics of myself yet, but I’ve used this mirror daily for makeup application, especially in my dim work office, and find it to be a really useful tool in accurate foundation matching. Granted, it’s a bit of a splurge, but if you’re looking for a mirror that’ll make you look better on Instagram or YouTube, this is it. Not only does it do all these fancy things like charge my phone and play music while I’m applying mascara, but when you live in a studio with a partner who likes to take their time getting ready in the morning (and of course, always leaves the sink wet), having a vanity mirror makes a world of difference.


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