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‘My hair has grown a lot’: This £4.50 hair growth serum has been hailed a ‘lifesaver’ for damaged hair leaving it thicker, stronger AND longer







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From bleach-related breakages to thin tresses, many of us are on a never-ending quest for thicker, longer and stronger hair. 

While there is sadly not one product that can magic up a Rapunzel-like mane, there are products out there that can encourage healthier, longer strands.

Enter the Charles Worthington Grow Strong Longer & Stronger Protein Treatment. Repairing hair from the inside out, this hair thickening treatment promises to leave hair six times stronger while reducing breakages by 90 per cent in just one use. 

And the best news? Amazon shoppers wholeheartedly agree with the results, calling the £4.50 treatment ‘a lifesaver’ and ‘fantastic, hair feels and looks amazing’. 

Want thicker, longer hair? The Charles Worthington Grow Strong Longer & Stronger Protein Treatment leaves hair six times stronger 

If your locks are looking thinner and more prone to damage than usual, now is a brilliant time to upgrade your hair care routine.

The highly recommended Charles Worthington Grow Strong Longer & Stronger Protein Treatment is currently on sale for 44 per cent off on Amazon, now reduced to a very pocket-friendly £4.50.  

Users with dry and damaged hair rave about the beauty find, saying it tackles the most common hair care concerns, from adding body to straggly ends to salvaging bleached hair. Some reviewers say ‘my hair has never felt so soft’, with many agreeing that it ‘leaves hair shiny and strong’. 

The hair growth serum works quickly to repair hair for healthier, vibrant results. Created with strand building protein to boost hair health, the leave in reconstruction protein hair cream targets the inner cortex to repair strands from the inside out.

The results? According to the brand, hair is instantly six times stronger, while breakage is reduced by a huge 90 per cent in one use.

Better still, it helps you get your hair to its optimum length, maximising hair growth, protecting hair against 230 degrees of heat, and reducing blow-dry time. 

And don’t just take the brand’s word for it as Amazon shoppers have left impressive testimonies for the treatment, agreeing that it ‘makes my fine hair much stronger’.

The protein treatment helps hair grow to its optimum length, for stronger, longer locks 

Despite its affordable price tag of £4.50, shoppers have agreed that the Charles Worthington hair growth treatment it’s the ‘same quality of some expensive good products’.

One impressed shopper raved: ‘This stuff is a lifesaver. My hair was frazzled. Snapping off, and the breakage was terrible, my hair had lost its curl too.

‘Please bare in mind this is a protein treatment so it can be ‘drying’ to wet hair, so I mix this in with my leave in conditioner and omg my curls are revived and my hair loves it! Well worth the price.’

Another agreed, adding: ‘I have had trouble with my hair not growing past a certain length and this product has really helped to strengthen my hair, combined with another ‘for hair that won’t grow past a certain length’ mask. My hair has grown a lot since doing this treatment.’



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