This Multifunctional Neck Massager Eases Neck Pain – Gadget Flow

Most people have experienced some level of neck pain and discomfort. And they’ve wished for a way to take care of it other than pain medication. The COSE Multifunctional Neck Massager is the answer to those wishes. This innovative at-home neck massager uses six types of technology to ease neck pain. Moreover, they’re all without the need for an expensive massage therapy appointment. This affordable neck massage utilizes EMS + TENS technology as well as infrared therapy and thermotherapy to care for aching muscles. EMS mimics the signals that come from the central nervous system, contracting the neck muscles to promote its flexibility and strength. TENS delivers small electrical impulses through the skin to flood the nervous system, reducing pain and stimulating the body to produce natural pain relievers called endorphins. Finally, with COSE, you’ll be on your way to alleviating pain in no time at all.


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