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Soft Services Theraplush Overnight Repair Treatment, $58, available here.

Photo: Courtesy of Soft Services

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I’m rather obsessive about hand cream. I pretty much always have some in my bag, and I’d never think of going to sleep without first slathering some on. A reparative hand treatment becomes even more important as the weather starts to turn colder and my cuticles require more of an assist. And because hands tend to show signs of aging almost as much as (if not more than) the face, I’ve also begun dabbing a bit of the retinol from my facial skin-care routine onto the backs of them each night.

But what if one product could combine all of this into a single step? Unsurprisingly, I’ve become an instant fan of Theraplush, a new overnight hand treatment from body-care brand Soft Services that accomplishes exactly that.

Per the brand, the thick, frosting-like formula “cushion-coats hands in retinol and colloidal oatmeal,” melding the youth-preserving effects of the former with the soothing effects of the latter. It’s basically like an ultra-luxurious sleep mask for your hands — and why not?

In addition to the aforementioned actives, it’s also spiked with lactic acid (for gentle exfoliation), allantoin (to soothe skin) and panthenol (for a thick coating of moisture and protection). The texture is intentionally dense — per brand copy, it’s meant to “glove hands in a soft, waxy layer of nourishment” — but said coating doesn’t feel sticky or slippery, just sort of like an invisible, weightless protective barrier that’s looking out for your cuticles while you sleep.

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I also need to take a moment to shout out the packaging: The luxurious case is refillable, and its weight and chicness indeed make it feel like a keepsake worth displaying on your nightstand. It’s also as functional as it is beautiful. An airless pump dispenser preserves the potency of the formula; the refill pods, which cost $36 a pop, truly use a minimal amount of material (a must for refillables); and the lid is magnetized, so it can be easily removed with freshly-moisturized hands, and curved, so it can also be used to stash your jewelry.

For me, the only drawbacks are the price — $58 is a bit steep for a hand cream, retinol-laced or not — and the scent, which has a dairy-like tang, most closely resembling that of greek yogurt (likely courtesy of the lactic acid). If that sounds like it would make you gag… same, honestly. But thankfully, it dissipates rather quickly, becoming undetectable within a few seconds. I actually prefer it to some of the more heavily fragranced creams I’ve used. (The last thing I want to sniff before bed is a heavy dose of jasmine-y florals.)

Theraplush has become a fancy little treat I look forward to each night in my bedtime ritual — and couldn’t we all use more of those?

Soft Services Theraplush Overnight Repair Treatment, $58, available here.

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