Tom Holland, Skin Care Guru, Is Ambivalent about His $400 Face Mask – GQ

Tom Holland—actor, heir apparent to the MCU, big-time GQ cover star—is a man of many talents. He’s also a man of uncompromising taste. Given an unlimited budget and a list of products to choose from in our latest episode of “Shopping Spree”, Holland puts his spidey-sense to the test, sniffing out the very best of each category with his signature good cheer.

Normally, when we film an episode of “Shopping Spree” there’s little in the way of stuff you can actually buy yourself. But Holland is a man of the people, so naturally his preferences skew slightly more attainable. He becomes temporarily infatuated with Ergatta’s game-changing—and Fitness Award-winning—rowing machine. (Which happens to be $200 off right now—and comes with a free Hyperice massage gun—courtesy of a nifty little discount code we secured exclusively for you.) He also cops to owning one of Omnilux’s LED-powered face masks. “Does it do anything?” Holland sheepishly asks the camera. “Probably not. But it makes me feel good about myself.”

Omnilux contour face mask

But the quality item he ultimately ends up adding to his virtual cart, St. Ives’ apricot face mask, is about as fundamental as it gets. And it’s one Holland already owns. The actor swears by the drugstore staple when he’s flying and his skin is especially prone to dryness. But you don’t have to be a friendly neighborhood superhero or a globe-trotting megastar to benefit from its hydrating powers. Best yet, at a little over $2 a pop you can afford to stock up. Cop a grip of them today and you, too, can look like the type of “luminous” A-lister who stirs tabloid interest when pictures leak of you smooching your widely-beloved co-star. (Hypothetically speaking, of course.)

St. Ives apricot face mask sheet


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