Top 10 TikTok beauty hacks of 2021 – from makeup to skincare to hair care – CNA

Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung is said to be a huge fan of this hugely popular K-beauty trend. The fact that the 40-year-old star doesn’t look a day over 30 is persuasive enough for us mere mortals to give it a go.

This skincare trend, which originated from K-town where plump and dewy skin is prized, involves coating the face with Vaseline in order to prevent transepidermal water loss. Leave it on overnight and wake up to hydrated, baby-smooth skin.

It can get a little messy though so it’s probably a good idea to line your pillow with a towel to avoid slimy product transfer. Not for everyday use, slugging is best for when your skin needs an occasional overnight treatment to address skin dryness or flaking.


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